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Forever Guardians

This section honours those individuals, no longer with us, who made a final gift to the abused, abandoned, neglected, and injured animals of the BC SPCA in their will, or through another type of estate gift. We sincerely thank them for their kindness and thoughtfulness, as their gift will provide healing and care for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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The following are listed alphabetically by first name.

Alan McLean Jupp

Alexander Greig Campbell

Alyce Linda Thomas

Arthur and Laura Rogers

Bessie Foulds Doeksen (nee Gordon)

Beverlie Karrel

Carl and Dorothy Ruby

Catherine Margaret Bruce

Cecilia Bing Yan Yung

Christina Signe MacDonald

Dan and Gloria Roberts

Dorothy and Ralph (Raif) Hutchinson

Dorothy (Jo-Anna) and John Howie

Edith Mildred Steckler

Eileen Edmundson

Eileen Kelk

Eileen Scott

Eleanor Pullen

Elinor Josephine Bernardo

Elizabeth and John Ritchie

Else Kristine Margarethe Lang

Eveline Aynsley

Evelyn Mary LaBoucane

Evelyn Roe

Florence Mary Petterson

Grace Elizabeth Bisson – Washburn

Harriet and Frank Orban

Helen Franklin Calder

Inga Martin

Ingrid Gerke

Irene Rose Bishop

Iris Eugene

Isobel Adams (nee Tierney)

Jacqueline Sutherland

Janet Roberta Ferguson

Jean Elizabeth Joyce

Jean Lilian Zaharko (nee Shedden)

Jenny Layng

Joan Elizabeth Theresa Sandground

Joan Isobel Eagles

John Adolf Fangrad

John Bruce Baxter

John Derwent “Jack” Hall

John Henry “Jack” Brown

John Henry Jobbins

John Wright

Joseph Lorne Hutchinson

Joyce Evelyn Peterson

June Richardson

Kathleen Patricia Clarke

Lori Michelle Poirier

Marian Hale

Marie Bohlen

Marie Elderfield

Marie Therese Rabiniaux

Margaret and Joseph Thibert

Marjorie Ruth Gillis

Marlies Gertrude Hering

Marlies Michael

Mathias Madsen Holst

May Neish

Muriel Joyce (Joy) Robertson

Myrtle Hahn

Nance “Agnes” Kelland

Nellie Lillian McClung

Noel C Hopkins

Norman Wallace Gentles

Patricia Doornbosch

Paula Isobel Gully

Pauline Dranfield

Peggy Morley

Rose Marie Childs

Rosemary Boden

Susan Ann Tresham

Thomas Norman Gatenby

Viola Lenny

William (Bill) and Ruby Reid

William McKerracher

Winifred Snape

Wolfgang Fritz Meding

Wolfgang and Gloria Gobel