How the BC SPCA improves laws for animal welfare
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Working for better laws

Since 1895, the BC SPCA has been working for better laws for the treatment of animals in B.C.

Back then, the biggest concern was conditions for working horses. Today, we work to change laws to ensure all animals are provided, at a minimum, the Five Freedoms.

Horse outdoors on frosty ground in a stable

In recent years, we have had success in changing laws about:

What the BC SPCA is doing to petition for better laws

Our latest work focuses on:

  • Municipal bylaws: Partnering with municipalities to adopt humane bylaws that help to end animal suffering and supporting communities to increase restrictions on exotic pets.
  • Laws for farm animal care: Developing ‘Codes of Practice’ for farm animals and asking for them to be adopted into provincial law.
  • Laws for dog and cat breeders: Asking the Province of British Columbia to adopt a dog and cat breeder registry and inspection system.

Take action for animals

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