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Stop funding fur farming

Breaking news: Your tax dollars continue to subsidize fur farming despite 3rd COVID-19 outbreak on B.C.  mink farm.

The B.C. Government has been financially subsidizing fur farming ($6.5 million in six years)—shockingly there are there still 10 mink and 1 chinchilla farms in the province. This has come to light weeks after the B.C.  Government advised the BC SPCA that they wouldn’t be restricting mink farming during the pandemic, and breeding was allowed to restart earlier this year. Funding this grave public health risk during a pandemic, when 85% of British Columbians already oppose killing animals for their fur, is unacceptable.

In the wake of a 3rd outbreak of COVID-19 on a mink fur farm it’s clear that the biosecurity measures put in place by the B.C.  Government have failed to contain the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks on mink farms, and they pose a real risk to public health.

The B.C. Government has delayed for nearly a year. The B.C. SPCA first warned them of the risks posed by COVID-19 outbreaks on mink fur farms last June when farm across the world were being shut down as countries banned the industry given the risks. Tell the B.C. Government to act now to end fur farming.

Your voice is needed to prevent animal suffering and protect us all from potential new viral mutations.

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Tell the BC Government why you are upset and angry:

  • Their financial support of the fur farming industry in unacceptable. In uncertain financial times, these funds could be better used to support farmers who are providing food for Canadians, rather than subsidizing fur for international markets.
  • It’s irresponsible to allow fur farms to operate during a pandemic. Biosecurity measures have failed and the threat of viral mutations and transmissions from fur farms is an unacceptable risk to public health.

Take Action

1. Share on Social Media:

Let your friends and family know that their tax dollars are funding fur farming that poses a grave public health risk.

2. Call your MLA

Ask them to push Cabinet to stop fur farm subsidies and declare a ban on fur farming.

Find your MLA contact details


3. Email the Minister of Agriculture

State your strong opposition to inhumane and dangerous fur farming in B.C.

Email the Minister

Mink Farm COVID-19 Crisis Timeline

June 2020 – In wake of COVID-19 outbreaks on European fur farms, BC SPCA warns the Ministry of Agriculture and Ministry of Health of the risk to BC and need for a pandemic plan.

Dec 2020 – First COVID-19 outbreak occurs on a BC fur farm.

Dec 2020 – The Fur-Bearers, HSI/Canada, BC SPCA and infectious disease experts call on BC government to end fur farming. 19,155 concerned British Columbians join the BC  SPCA in calling for moratorium on mink farming in British Columbia.

Dec 2020 – COVID-19 outbreak occurs on a second BC fur farm, at least 200 mink dead.

Jan 2021 – 1000 mink culled on B.C. fur farm after outbreak.

Jan 2021 – David Suzuki and other scientists call for an end to fur farming in B.C.

March 2021 – Breeding resumes in B.C. despite previous COVID outbreaks.

April 2021 – Union of BC Indian Chiefs calls for a moratorium on fur farming in the province.

April 2021 – Infectious disease experts and B.C. doctors appeal to the Ministry of Health about spillover risks.

May 2021  – Third outbreak of COVID-19 on a mink farm in B.C.

Kelly Guerin / #MakeFurHistory / We Animals Media