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Farm animals

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Help us improve the lives of farm animals, including those raised for food on farms and those used in recreation, sport, entertainment or work. Turn your passion into action by learning more about these important topics:

Live horse export

Canada is one of the only countries that breeds, raises, and transports horses overseas for slaughter. Learn about the welfare issues these horses face and how you can take action to end this practice.

End fur farming

Success! Thanks to your support, mink farms will be phased out in B.C. Now it’s time to end fur farming of all animals in Canada – join us!

Horse-drawn carriages

Horses play many roles in our lives – as farm animals, pets and even working animals. Learn more about the issues horses used for carriage operations face and how to take action.


Farm animals used for entertainment purposes in rodeo events face many animal welfare issues. Learn how you can take action to improve the welfare of rodeo animals.

A meat chicken stands in a barnLaws for farmed animals

We need better laws to protect farm animal welfare in Canada and to prevent animal suffering. Learn about these laws and how you can help speak for farm animals.

Goat looking and smilingWays you have helped protect farm animals

The BC SPCA is proud to have achieved so many welfare wins that have improved the lives of farm animals, none of which would have been possible without your support and desire to take action. Learn more about the great achievements we have made.

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