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The BC SPCA offers a wealth of educational information, animal success stories and news and event updates in our printed publications.


AnimalSense is our bi-annual (Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer issues) magazine provided to active BC SPCA supporters, our members and other animal welfare organizations and professionals. Read a recent issue (PDF).


Bark! is the official magazine of the BC SPCA Kids Club. Members receive Bark! directly to their homes, four times a year. Each issue is packed with animal facts, great stories and ways kids can help animals. Read a recent issue:

Winter 2023 (PDF)
Fall 2022 (PDF)
Summer 2022 (PDF)
Spring 2022 (PDF)
Winter 2022 (PDF)

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Bonus: Read vBark! with bonus interactive content. (Note: vBark! is best viewed on a computer or large tablet.)