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Farm animal programs

The BC SPCA farm animal welfare program works to protect and enhance the quality of life for farm animals in British Columbia.

We work to increase public awareness about farm animal welfare issues, promote individual actions that lead to improved animal welfare and press for evidence-based changes to provincial and national laws.

Shopping cart inside of a grocery storeInformed food choices

Learn how to make higher-welfare food choices to support a better life for farmed animals, and learn about the benefits of plant-based eating.


Farmed animal production in Canada

Learn how farmed animals are raised and handled in Canada.


Take action for farmed animalsClose-up of a sheep on pasture with others in the background

Learn about the laws protecting farmed animals in Canada and B.C. and how you can get involved to make a difference.

Surrey Good Shepherd BarnFarm animal care facilities & adoption

Learn about our facilities designed to care for and rehabilitate farm animals until they can be adopted by loving guardians.

Piglet on farmFarm animal welfare position statements

Read our position statements on farm animal welfare and farming practices.


Two horses in fieldFarm animal FAQs

Read our frequently asked questions to learn more about farm animal topics.


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