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For kids

Join the BC SPCA Kids Club

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As a Kids Club member, you’ll be the first to know about upcoming events like summer camps and workshops. Plus, you’ll have access to exclusive Kids Club contests with chances to win great prizes.

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Want to check out Bark! magazine before you join the club? Read some past issues!

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Camps and workshops

Throughout the year, youth are invited to join us for workshops, mini-camps, spring break and summer camps at select locations. In-person and virtual programs may be available.

Visit our youth events page to learn more!

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Learn about pet care

Getting a pet is beyond exciting! Are you ready?

Find out what you’ll need to know to take great care of your dog, cat, rodent or rabbit. Check out our pet care guides:

Dog care guide (PDF)
Cat care guide (PDF)
Rat care guide (PDF)
Gerbil care guide (PDF)
Mouse care guide (PDF)
Rabbit care guide (PDF)
Guinea pig care guide (PDF)
Hamster care guide (PDF)

Make a difference for animals

We hear about amazing kids all over the province doing what they can to help animals in need. Many choose to fundraise for the BC SPCA. Lemonade stands, bake sales, birthday money, bottle drives… kids across B.C. are seriously creative. We truly appreciate these efforts!

But did you know there are also lots of things you can do that don’t involve money? If you’re looking for ideas, you’ve come to the right place.

  • Foster an animal. Fostering involves your whole family. Together, you help an animal, such as a cat and her newborn kittens, get ready for adoption. Fostering is a very important way to help our shelters free up space to take in more animals. Learn more about volunteer fostering with the BC SPCA.
  • Start a pollinator garden. Pollinators may be small in size, but they play a huge role in our local ecosystems. Unfortunately, they face many threats, including the effects of climate change. There are things we can do at our own homes and schools to help them, like planting a pollinator garden! Read this article to learn more about this and other projects to help pollinators!
  • Get crafty. How can this help animals? By making life more interesting or cozy for animals at the BC SPCA (call your local shelter to ask about what they need) or your pets at home. Check out instructions for no-sew cat beds, snuffle mats, treats and toys. Visit the BC SPCA Learn at Home page for more animal-themed crafts and activities.
  • Hold a pet food drive with your class, club or community group. Collect treats, canned and dry pet foods and donate to your local BC SPCA centre OR directly to your local food bank. Groceries are expensive, and every little bit helps support pets and families in need. Learn more about the BC SPCA food bank program.
  • Start a school club! Gather animal lovers together to make a difference. School clubs can work as a team on many of the projects shared here, but can also work to raise awareness. Your club might learn about an animal issue and share it with others at your school through a presentation or poster project. Get ideas with the BC SPCA school club manual.
  • Raid your freezer! If your family has meat, fish or berries you need to clear out, you could help wildlife. Wildlife rehabilitation centres, including the BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre on Vancouver Island, may appreciate a donation. Frozen items in edible condition can help feed their wild patients. Needs change depending on the season and the patients centres have in care. Call first to make sure Wild ARC or your local centre can put your donations to good use.
  • Collect old towels and blankets. BC SPCA animal centres often need donations of old towels and blankets to help with cleaning and keeping animals comfortable.
  • Make an adoption poster. Use your art smarts to help an animal with this Homes for All Animals activity. It includes a template for an adoption poster to put up in your community, or send to your local BC SPCA animal centre for display!

  • You can also help animals while helping a friend, family member or neighbour. With permission, offer to pet sit or walk their dog!

What about volunteering?

Just to let you know, you have to be at least 16 years old to volunteer with the animals — for safety reasons. Animals come to our shelters from all different backgrounds. Not all of them are comfortable around young people. We don’t want to put them — or you! — at risk.

Some of our smaller shelters have programs for junior volunteers. Usually, an adult has to be with you at all times. The best way to find out about volunteering opportunities is to contact your local animal centre directly.

Photo by Linda Mackie