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Learn at Home

Welcome to BC SPCA Learn at Home!

We love to learn about animals! Check out these activities created by the BC SPCA humane education team to engage young animal lovers in exploring ways to help our furry, feathered and finned friends. Let’s work together to make the world a better place for humans and animals alike!

These fun and educational activities are easy to do with kids at home. Each activity has an “additional resources” button to enable kids to dive even deeper into a topic they enjoy.

Projects to help animals


Make a snuffle mat (PDF)

Keep your pet’s brain busy with this fun and challenging project.

Square knot fleece toy (PDF)

Learn how to make a fun fleece toy for your furry family member.

No-sew cat beds (PDF)

Make a cozy cat bed! No sewing required.

Think and thump (PDF)

Animals living outside look for warm places to sleep, including under the hoods of our cars!

Emergency pet plan (PDF)

Be ready for anything by making an emergency plan and kit for your pet.

Bird window decals (PDF)

Create window decals to help prevent bird strikes and injuries.

Nest helper (PDF)

Make nest-building a little easier for birds in the spring.

Bee watering station (PDF)

Help these important pollinators find the water they need!

Wildflower seed bombs (PDF)

This is a fun way to grow wildflowers and attract pollinators!



Bake your own dog biscuits (PDF)

Homemade biscuits make the perfect treat to use as you work on positive reinforcement with your pup.

No-bake cat or dog treats (PDF)

This NO-BAKE pet treat recipe is so simple, and one of the most popular activities in our BC SPCA camps.

Make treat puzzles for pets (PDF)

Use recycled materials from around the house to make entertaining treat puzzles for furry friends.

Bunny biscuit recipe (PDF)

Check out this recipe for yummy pumpkin and banana cookies for your bunny.

Sushi for small animals (PDF)

Turn fruits and veggies into a special “sushi roll” for small animals.

In the great outdoors


Is your yard wildlife-safe? (PDF)

Help keep both wildlife and humans safe with this activity.

B.C. wild animal homes (PDF)

Explore the nature around you, and see what animal homes you can spot.

Sound mapping nature (PDF)

Discover a world of sound around you.

Backyard biodiversity (PDF)

Explore and learn about the fascinating biodiversity that exists where you live.

Mini beast scavenger hunt (PDF)

No matter where you live, insects are your neighbours.

STEAM activities

STEAM is an integrated approach to learning that encourages kids to think more broadly about real-world questions through hands-on activities.

Learn the life cycle of a chicken (PDF)

Grab your art supplies and explore the life cycle of a chicken, beginning with the egg.

Experiments: How strong is an egg? (PDF)

Through fun experiments, learn how strong an egg actually is.

Animal abilities self-portraits (PDF)

Get creative and draw yourself with unique animal ability adaptations.

Make a t-shirt tote bag (PDF)

Turn a favourite t-shirt into a handy reusable tote bag with this no-sew project.

Why do cat’s eyes glow? (PDF)

Explore the science behind the eyes that glow in the dark.

Homes for all animals (PDF)

Make eye-catching adoption posters and help animals in BC SPCA shelters find their forever homes.

Just for fun

Cat word search (PDF)
Fantastic frogs colouring sheet (PDF)
Farm animal guess who (PDF)
Pet ID crossword (PDF)
Small animal word scramble (PDF)
Special swines colouring sheet (PDF)

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