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BC SPCA Ban fireworks 2021

Support a federal petition to protect animals from fireworks.

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Black and white cat wearing id at home on couchAnimals in the home

From finding an animal-friendly home to keeping pets and community animals healthy and happy, here are resources to help you take action for the well-being of B.C. cats, dogs and other pets.

Farm animals

From being raised on farms for food, to being used in recreation, sport, entertainment or work, farm animals can face many issues. Learn what you can do to improve their welfare.

Close up shot of wild moose standing around thin treesWild animals

Whether living in nature or under captivity, wild animals deserve understanding, care and conservation efforts. Find out what you can do to further their cause.
(Photo credit: Dennis McLaren)

Urban wildlife

Help prevent wildlife conflicts. Access resources on how to peacefully co-exist with our urban wildlife neighbours.

Exotic animals

Should exotic animals be kept as pets? Find out why we have concerns about them, how they enter the pet trade and the laws that regulate their ownership.

Animals in research, teaching and testingLab rat

Learn about safer alternatives to using animals in research, teaching and testing.