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Adoption Stories


Adopted October 9, 2009 from

This beautiful tortoiseshell kitty was waiting for her forever home at the BC SPCA Burnaby Branch in 2009 when she readily leapt her way into the hearts of a young family. Crash charmed this family so completely that she went home with them on September 10, 2009. Here is their story: We went to meet …


Adopted May 7, 2019 from

It can be challenging to see our beloved pets age, especially when they still act so young! When Michelle and her family decided to adopt a new puppy, they knew that it would not only benefit them, but also bring joy to their senior Golden Doodle, Coco. Once Michelle had spent some time envisioning adopting …


Adopted May 10, 2018 from ,

We have many amazing foster volunteers at the BC SPCA, and we are so thankful for each of them every single day. When one of these volunteers ends up adopting one of their fostered animals, some might call it a “foster fail”—but not us. We call it a success and the best possible outcome! Maria …


Adopted April 16, 2001 from

We love it when people write to us many years after they have adopted an animal from the BC SPCA to tell us of their progress, or to honour the life of a companion animal. Such is the case with this letter from the guardians of Zoey, a beloved family member adopted from the BC SPCA …


Adopted July 17, 2018 from ,

When you wait for the right canine companion to come along, sometimes all it takes is one video to know a pup is meant to be yours. Luckily for Jax, Alberta had her eye on a Facebook live video posted by the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in July 2018. Immediately, Alberta found Jax irresistible from …


Adopted June 10, 2019 from ,

This bright eyed boy is Buster. The chestnut, mini dachshund was only one year old when he was surrendered to the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch when his owner had a major life change and could no longer keep  him. To ensure that he could be exposed to a larger population of potential …


Adopted April 27, 2019 from

When introducing a new furry family member, not only does it require patience from the adopter, but also a whole lot of determination from the new companion. Marta met Breezy in April 2019 through the BC SPCA Victoria Branch, and she couldn’t resist Breezy’s affectionate gaze and sweet face. However, Marta was convinced it wouldn’t …

Freddie Mercury

Adopted March 20, 2019 from

Sometimes, it’s all in a name. Mary Anne and her husband Frank were having a rough time when they lost their elderly canine companion. With the loss of their beloved dog, Mary Anne couldn’t help but also reminisce about their previous feline family members and the joy they all brought into their lives. Come March …

Jinx and Coco

Adopted June 29, 2019 from ,

Even though life doesn’t always go how we plan, it does tend to have a way of working out in ways we don’t expect. Amanda and her husband sincerely believed in their vision of having their beloved cat Jinx around for many more years once their baby was born. However, Jinx was met with a …


Adopted June 3, 2019 from

On May 28, 2019, this sweet senior came into the care of the BC SPCA Victoria Branch when his owner could no longer care for him. At 14, Tyson had only known one home, so it was understandable that he seemed fearful in his new surroundings. In addition, he had severe dental issues and which …