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Adopted January 2, 2019 from

Are you going to take me home? That must have been the expression that greeted Bandit’s new family when they saw him for the first time. And the question was answered with a resounding “yes.” This one-year-old border collie mix was brought in to the BC SPCA North Cariboo District Branch on December 22, 2018. …

Patrick Stewart

Adopted December 4, 2018 from

When we receive new animals into our care, it can be difficult to gage their true personality. They are often frightened, confused, defensive or simply shy. Even though we try to make our animals as comfortable as possible, we know they do so much better when in a true home. This was exactly the case …


Adopted October 31, 2018 from

Often animals with special needs get overlooked for adoption in favour of an animal that is perceived to be “normal”. However, special needs animals have a lot of love and personality to offer adopters. Thankfully, not everyone will overlook these diamonds in the rough. When Kelly learned about the special needs of Kermit, a sweet, …


Adopted August 24, 2019 from ,

This handsome Catahoula leopard dog mix was brought to the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch on July 20, 2019, when someone discovered that he had been left behind in the backyard a rental unit. He was skinny and his teeth and ears needed attention. When he turned up at the shelter, he was very …

Billy and George

Adopted July 8, 2019 from

On the verge of retirement, Axel and Jasmin knew they wanted to make their family feel full. Like many, they were following the BC SPCA story of seizing 15 badly neglected Bichon Frise dogs from a breeder in the Fraser Valley in May 2019. One of these dogs, Annie, was very pregnant at the time …


Adopted September 11, 2019 from

Not only are our pets a source of inspiration in our own lives, but they can also inspire us to help others. When Judy heard about the BC SPCA rescuing 45 Havanese dogs from a breeder on Vancouver Island, it broke her heart. A month later, she met Peaches, one of the Havanese dogs at …


Adopted June 6, 2019 from ,

On April 26, 2019, a litter of seven pit bull mix puppies was surrendered with their mother to the BC SPCA Williams Lake & District Branch. They were only a month old. Willie and his siblings were in the best hands, as they stayed with their mom under the watchful eye of one of our …


Adopted October 19, 2018 from

The story of beautiful adult kitty, Raven, points out why we put so much effort into matching each of our adoptable animals with the right family. Raven first came into the BC SPCA Comox Valley & District Branch as a stray on September 8, 2018. She had been hanging around a local neighbourhood for about …


Adopted October 7, 2018 from

Louie, a five-year-old Great Pyrenees, came to the BC SPCA Shuswap Branch from animal control on September 21 of 2018. Sadly no one was looking for this sweet boy so he soon went up for adoption. Louie had a quiet disposition and was unsure of strangers, but was quite affectionate with those who got to …


Adopted September 27, 2016 from

Our sweet seniors are often overlooked for fresh young faces in our shelters. However, it is unbelievably rewarding to provide a home for these older animals in their golden years. Not only is it a kind gesture, but adopting a senior animal also comes with the gift of immeasurable love. Karen and Mike knew this …