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Adoption Stories

Bella & Jake

Adopted June 23, 2016 from

Siblings Bella and Jake were surrendered to the BC SPCA Vernon & District Branch on March 9, 2016. Their former guardians were sadly facing housing difficulties and were no longer able to care for two-year-old Bella and Jake. Bella is a sweet girl who loves attention and belly rubs. Jake is a tad shy, but …


Adopted January 1, 1970 from

Monty was surrendered to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in December 2016. He was a little over two-years-old at the time and immediately we could tell he was a high-spirited cat. He was energetic and loved to play around, though he was taking medication for some of his stay at the shelter. He had a …

Benji (aka Basil)

Adopted January 13, 2014 from

Benji came into the care of the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in December, 2013 when his previous guardian sadly passed away. At the time, Benji was still a kitten and wasn’t yet a year old. When Benji was staying with us at the branch, we learned that he is a sweet and energetic boy; full …

Freddy (aka Motley)

Adopted June 20, 2013 from

Freddy is an adorable and intelligent Dutch rabbit. In July, 2013 Freddy was surrendered into our care by the landlord of the property Freddy was living at. His previous guardians had moved out, but had left Freddy behind, all alone. Freddy was discovered by the landlord when they were cleaning out the property and brought …

Ivory (aka Wylie)

Adopted November 29, 2014 from

Ivory came into the care of the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in October 2014 as a result of a cruelty investigation. Although still a young pup she had already experienced physical abuse, fear and neglect. Any prospective adopter would need to be ready to help her overcome this awful start in life, but happily the …

Cricket (aka Cooper)

Adopted March 31, 2016 from

Cricket was rescued by BC SPCA humane officers in one of the largest puppy mill seizures in B.C. history in February, 2016. Cricket was just one of 66 sick and neglected dogs and puppies that were rescued; collectively known as the Langley 66. He was just one month old at the time. The dogs and …

Rainbow (aka Gus)

Adopted January 1, 1970 from

Rainbow was only one month old when he came into the care of the BC SPCA Trail Regional Branch. Sadly, he was in critical condition when the BC SPCA rescued him in August 2016, and in great need of medical care and attention so he could be nurtured back to health. Once Rainbow went through …

Mew (aka Katie-kitty)

Adopted November 14, 2014 from

On October 8, 2014, Mew was found living on the streets of Trail with her young male kitten Xavier. They were brought to the BC SPCA Trail Regional Branch with the hope that they would find a loving family to belong to. Mew was very sweet and loved affection. She was soon adopted on November …

Lucy (aka Lily)

Adopted February 26, 2009 from

Lucy came into the care of the BC SPCA Trail Branch in January 2009 when she was just a young pup, living in precarious circumstances. She was promptly sent into foster care and, by chance, her adoptive family met her here. Seven years later her family has shared this update on Lucy: One evening in …

Duke (aka Darius)

Adopted June 19, 2015 from

Duke came into the care of the BC SPCA with four other horses following a cruelty investigation in February 2015. Once in the care of the BC SPCA Surrey Education & Adoption Centre he was found to be a big puppy dog. He was very easy to catch and handle and was beginning to regain …