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All we want when we adopt a new animal is to make them feel as comfortable as possible in their new home. For particularly timid felines, this can certainly be a challenge.

When Ramsey was found as a stray, abandoned by his previous owner and brought in to the BC SPCA Vancouver Branch in June 2020, he was understandably very nervous and all he wanted to do was hide.

However, once he came out of his shell a bit, it became obvious how much of a sweetheart he truly is.

When Natalie came into the shelter and met Ramsey the following month, she became determined to make him the happiest kitty he could be.

Now, two months later, Natalie has shared an update with us on how Ramsey is settling in so far:

Ramsey is the first cat I have owned. I never could have predicted the amount of joy and love he has brought into my life.

Ramsey can become stressed easily, does not like loud noises and enjoys hiding for the majority of the day, but we have made amazing progress. He is so resilient and enjoys jumping up on my bed for a nighttime snuggle.

I am so proud of how far he has come. Ramsey spends more time snuggling and playing and has adapted well to his forever home.

I feel blessed to spend every day with him. I want to urge others to adopt as it will not only change the life of an animal but will change each human’s life as well.

Thank you, Natalie, for taking the leap to become a first-time cat mom and adopting Ramsey. It sounds like you have given him a life he finally feels at home in.

It’s so important to have the patience and commitment for shy felines, but once they relax, you have a best friend for life. We can see this is true for you and Ramsey and we know he will always be thankful.

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