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Adopted May 3, 2018 from

It makes our hearts so full when we see our beloved senior animals find the homes they deserve. James was 11 years young when he came to the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre in March 2018. With all his life experiences already, we knew James would truly appreciate his future guardian. After two months …


Adopted September 27, 2020 from

After being reported to the Animal Helpline by a caring neighbour, Animal Protection officers responded to the distress call to find Daisy, and four other cats, left in a home without food, water or care for some time. They were thin, hungry and dehydrated. But 12-year-old Daisy was not defeated. Her friendly, sweet character prevailed …


Adopted October 25, 2023

When Roscoe was surrendered to the BC SPCA Vernon Community Animal Centre in October 2023, we knew there was so much promise in this young pup. Just a year and a half old, Roscoe didn’t have the best start to life. He lacked essential socialization skills and needed to overcome separation anxiety. Fortunately for Roscoe, …


Adopted July 19, 2023 from

Sometimes, when animals come into our care, they’re so stressed and unsure of their surroundings that they refuse to eat. Moki wouldn’t relax when she spent some time at the BC SPCA Burnaby Community Animal Centre in July 2023. All we wanted was for her to feel safe and loved. She was such a sweet …


Adopted July 30, 2023 from ,

When unwanted litters happen, we are grateful that citizens bring animals to us, instead of abandoning them. That’s what happened on June 16, 2023 when someone in Salmon Arm surrendered eight seven-week-old Coonhound/Walker mix puppies to the BC SPCA Shuswap Community Animal Centre. Adorable Peaches was one of this normal, healthy litter. Eight little ones …


Adopted September 26, 2023 from

Often, it seems that it is our animals who pick us. This was certainly true when M.C. met Charlie at the BC SPCA Tri-Cities Education & Adoption Centre in September 2023. During her time in our care, we discovered how sweet and affectionate Charlie was. She was overflowing with love and couldn’t wait to give …


Adopted October 26, 2022 from

You are looking at the adorable face of a terrier-mix puppy who was brought to us as a stray on October 12, 2022. This little fella was very healthy when he came in, so he immediately got his shots and was neutered and went into a foster home briefly to recover and get a little …


Adopted August 19, 2023 from

Our fluffy companions can be impeccable with their timing. They tend to enter our lives when we need their love the most. Magni was no exception. When Brent and Wanda suddenly lost their beloved dog, Yuka, in August 2023, they were utterly heartbroken. Of course they missed Yuka, but they also missed what their lives were …

Chiefer Sutherland

Adopted November 27, 2012 from

When we adopt out young animals, it warms our hearts to know that they have truly found their forever family. Back in November 2012, Siobhan met Chiefer Sutherland at the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre. She knew she had met her adventure pal for life. Just a young dog when he came into our …


Adopted June 5, 2023 from

When we meet and bond with our new pets, it’s usually at a time we need them most—even if we haven’t realized it yet. This was certainly true for Stephanie when she adopted Coltrane from the BC SPCA Powell River Community Animal Centre in June 2023. She was already mourning her old cat Kwame, but …