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On January 24, 2024, after six years in his second home, Moka was surrendered because he had been peeing outside the litter box despite several visits to the vet for urinary checks.

When a cat develops what we might see as a “behaviour problem,” sometimes the problem lies beyond the physical issue—our animal companion may be trying to tell us something.

It turned out Moka had experienced quite a bit of disruption in his home routine just prior to the onset of this new habit. He also was experiencing issues with his teeth, skin and ears and was healing from injuries that came from spending unsupervised time outside.

On March 2, 2024, when he found his new people, they listened and gave him what he had been missing. The rest is a happy, healthy and safe next phase of life for this lovely Siamese boy. His new guardians have shared an update:

“When Jonathan and I found our perfect home last year, we knew all that was missing was a purrfect kitty to go with it. Then, we met Moka’s sweet furry round face and knew he was the one. After only a day or two, his personality began to emerge and we got to meet his sweet, cuddly side as well as his playful, sassy side, too.

Moka immedietely took to his litter box, his treats and his toys. We were informed that he had previous urinary problems and litter box issues in the past, but this has not been the case. His fur was quite greasy when we got him, but after a bath and some snuggles, he quickly began getting back into a grooming routine.

To this day, Moka enjoys a good Churru, watching TV, kneading on our plushy blankets and chasing laser point at night. With the recent sunshine, he has started to venture outdoors. He loves to lounge in the sun and always waits patiently at the door to come inside.

He is our sweet, independent man and we love him dearly.

To anyone looking to adopt, it’s important to understand the impact that a good home environment and loving care can have on animals with pre-existing conditions or behaviour problems. Moka was particularly lucky with us because my partner and I work from home, which means he was able to receive extra care and attention during this transition period.

We look forward to many more years with him!”

You’re absolutely right! Moka ended up with us at the BC SPCA Cowichan Community Animal Centre through no fault of his own, but lucky for him, he hit the jackpot for his retirement years.

Thank you so much for choosing to adopt not only a senior cat but also what we may have called a “special needs” kitty. Now that his physical, emotional, and social needs are more than met with you, he can be just plain special! Enjoy him.

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