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This precious face belongs to Angie. She is a mix of German Shepherd and Labrador Retriever who came to our BC SPCA Salt Spring Island Community Animal Centre on February 8, 2024 at five months of age.

Angie’s story is a pretty ideal example of a surrender and rehoming. She was taken in by her original owner as a tiny pup from an outdoor litter. When the owner had to move suddenly and could not take her with him, his roommate attempted to rehome her, but when she was unsuccessful, she brought her to us.

After an initial veterinary assessment, Angie was transferred to the BC SPCA Cowichan Community Animal Centre, then went directly into a foster home where she showed a delightful personality. Given her age and energy she was going to need a home that could provide lots of fun and adventure, but also some obedience training.

She found everything she needed by February 22, when Catherine saw her and took her home as a foster-to-adopt while she awaited her spay. Catherine writes us here:

“Angie is a happy, energetic, friendly and smart puppy. Food motivation is perfect for her obedience learning. I now have a walking/hiking and gardening partner, and her presence has added a lot of playtime and fun company to my life.

Angie seems to have a limit to sensory input (like noisy wind or a noisy surf at the beach) and we are doing several shorter daily walks than normal to accommodate that. She loves treats so we incorporate some training along the way, which distracts her attention from whatever is making her “go crazy”. We will work up to longer walks and eventually hiking.

Her funny trait is that she likes to “talk” at times, like huskies do.

The BC SPCA took in this surrendered puppy and ensured she received vet care and a slated spay appointment. She had a foster Mom before we met her, which, for Angie, was a great start to her learning house manners.

Angie is my second rescue dog. Both times we relied on the facilities’ assessments of the traits of the puppy to determine a fit for our active lifestyle.

The BC SPCA does not hide any information. They are very trustworthy and truly are protectors of their homeless animals. It’s best to contemplate what traits you want your new dog to have and how active a dog you want before you search for one.”

It’s so rewarding for us when a perfect human match is found for any of our animals. It sounds and looks like Angie has everything she needs to live her best life.

Thank you, Catherine, for choosing to adopt. May the two of you enjoy many happy years together.

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