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The Meowdalorian

Beware, here comes a very “sloppy” love story.

It’s the story of one VERY affectionate, year-old Tortoiseshell who came through three shelters before arriving on November 23, 2022 at the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre. There she found a couple who could handle all the love and sweetness she had to give.

The Meowdalorian, as she came to be known, was surrendered as part of an unwanted litter to the BC SPCA Quesnel Community Animal Centre, then transferred by our Drive for Lives program to a shelter with more exposure to potential adopters. But it only took one couple and ten seconds to determine her happily ever after. Here is this sweet feline’s “tail”:

“We love our cat, and we are so grateful for her. I’ve never met such a friendly, people loving, purring, cuddle puddle of a cat before.

I wanted to make sure to fill in the pet story so that I could thank you hard working folks at the BC SPCA for taking such good care of a cat. We were trying to rename her on the way home, and for the entire drive and while shopping for her new cat supplies, she was purring up a storm in her carrying box.

We tried naming her Tiramisu, since her tortoiseshell coloration kinda looked like that, but my darling wife had just seen The Mandalorian, and she was christened “The Meowdalorian”, which she responded to. Her fictional backstory is that she hunts bounties (the occasional silverfish and chittering at birds).

Truly she’s a 10/10 cat, a five-star cat. I’ve never met a cat who starts purring within ten seconds of being given cheek scritches as easily and as happily as her. When we put our hand down near her, she transitions from sitting to headbutting with a tiny little jump. She aggressively bunts our hands and ankles, and splays herself on the ground, kneading the air with joy, purring at full force.

But she loves getting petted all along her body so much, she arches into it, and indecisively alternates between aggressively bunting our hands and rubbing herself through our pets, and flopping to the floor where she can knead and receive neck scratches.

Her tail is practically always a flagpole going straight up. And she’s incredibly talkative, practically holding a conversation with you when you address her with gentle humming meows that she does with her mouth almost closed.

She is also an astonishingly wet cat who drinks a lot of water. Her eyes are moist and full of sparkle, her nose is always moist, her grooming routine produces an audible “schlorp schlorp schlorp”, and her purr is throaty and wet sounding. And when she bunts your hand, she doesn’t just rub her cheeks on your hand she pulls back her front lip and rubs her canines and her spittle on your hand. Truly a cat with wetness to spare.

She excitedly follows us to the bathroom so she can capitalize on us being within optimal petting range. And I also think she’s the smartest cat I’ve ever had. She watches TV with us, watching cartoons with great interest, loafed on the couch with her paws crossed in front of her, or at the base of the TV looking up.

She’ll sometimes expectantly wait for us to turn the TV on, sometimes patting on YouTube thumbnails with cats, which seem to be of great interest to her. She seems to know that what’s on the TV isn’t real, as she’s checked behind the TV to see where things go.

Also, she mastered how to activate a coin cat box toy after practically her first try. She even moves kind of like how you might imagine a muppet of a cat would, with a bit of clumsiness, exaggerated outgoing happiness, and caring little if she dangles parts of herself off her perch.

And almost every single night, she waits on the bed for us to go to bed, and then situates herself on one of our chests the moment we lay down, loafing and purring over our hearts for about ten to twenty minutes.

Oh, and she likes to relax and lie around, star-fished on her back, with her legs splayed out. It’s something I haven’t ever seen a cat do and it’s adorable.

She gets along well with our other cat, a ten-year-old white domestic short-hair female. She’s become the trendsetter, who finds a comfy spot to lounge in, and then the older cat needs to try it too.

Honestly this cat has been incredible, and I wanted to thank the organization for taking such good care of this little mystery cat, so that when we adopted her, she was 100% trusting of people and ready to love them with her wet, schlorpy, bursting-with-love heart. And she still loves the perch cardboard box she came in, complete with her blankie being on top of it.”

Your story makes us smile and swoon. We’re so glad you adopted the purrfect cat for your lifestyle. May the love story continue for years to come.

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