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Drive for Lives

Pet overpopulation is a problem in many parts of B.C. where shelters and rescues are at full capacity. Some communities do not have enough people to provide homes for all of the animals waiting to be adopted.

In 2004, the BC SPCA launched the Drive for Lives animal transfer program to help address the issue of pet overpopulation.

Drive for Lives saves animals

Each year, we transfer more than 4,000 animals throughout the province to increase their chances of adoption. Animals may travel within their own region or longer distances to find new homes, receiving medical and behavioural attention as needed.

Transfers from Northern B.C. animal centres into the Lower Mainland or Okanagan occur weekly. Some of our outlying centres such as Prince Rupert and the Peace Region (Dawson Creek and Fort St. John) send animals first to hub centres before they continue their journey south.

Our Drive for Lives team spans each region, however, the BC SPCA also partners with Pacific Coastal Airlines, which provides free and discounted transport of animals on select routes.

If you see an animal you would like to adopt in another community animal centre, we may be able to do a transfer depending on your location, and the location and status of the animal. Please contact your local animal centre for more details.