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For teens

Sign up for leadership camp

Leadership camp will not be available in 2022. We look forward to a return to our Leadership camps in 2023!

At leadership camp, you’ll learn all about ways to help pets, farm animals and wildlife. You’ll also have the chance to teach what you learn to a younger audience. It’s a great way to practice your new leadership skills and show kids how to respect and care for animals.

Once you’ve gone through leadership camp, you can apply to volunteer with us as a junior camp counsellor during the summer. As a junior counsellor, you’ll gain experience with kids and animals — perfect for your service hours and for your resume!

Start a school club

Do you have friends who are just as passionate about animals as you are? Get together and start an animal club at school!

Our free school club action guide (PDF) is packed with ideas, activities and projects you can do as a group.

Register your club (PDF) with us and we’ll send you a welcome package to help get you started. Send your registration to

Society for Humane Science

Do you feel conflicted when it comes to dissecting animals in science class? Did you know there are great alternatives to using animals for dissection?

The Society for Humane Science (SHS) has information to help you find out if your school district offers students the right to make a free choice between dissection and non-animal alternatives (like virtual dissections). If your school district doesn’t have a right-to-choose policy, SHS has a toolkit containing premade brochures, posters, petitions, letters and presentations with very compelling information on the benefits of using alternatives to dissection, that you can use to advocate for this policy in your school district.

The BC SPCA is a proud partner and supporter of SHS. SHS is dedicated to advancing public education on the use of animals in teaching, research and testing by providing information on ethics and alternatives to reduce and replace the use of animals in science.

Young student using dissection app on phone

Take action for animals

When you take a look around you, do you see changes you’d like to make to improve the lives of animals?

We’ve got lots of ways for you to get involved — from choosing alternatives to animal dissection to buying animal-friendly products.

Take action and help make our province a better place for animals!

Learn about pet care

Are you hoping to adopt a pet? Find out what you’ll need to know to take great care of a dog, cat, rodent or rabbit.

For even more care tips and cage ideas, check us out on Pinterest and YouTube.

Curious cat on girls lap with kids

What about volunteering?

Just to let you know, you have to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer with the animals — for safety reasons. Animals come to our shelters from all different backgrounds. Not all of them are comfortable around young people. We don’t want to put them — or you! — at risk.

Some of our smaller shelters have programs for junior volunteers. Usually, an adult has to be with them at all times. The best way to find out about volunteering opportunities is to contact your local shelter directly.

Helping animals in other ways

If you’re not quite old enough to volunteer with the animals, why not consider fostering? Fostering involves your whole family. Together, you help an animal, such as a cat and her newborn kittens, get ready for adoption. Fostering is a very important way to help our shelters free up space to take in more animals.

Other ways you could help animals in your community:

  • Get some friends together and organize a dog wash.
  • Arrange to walk your neighbour’s dog.
  • Offer to pet sit for a friend or family member.
  • Collect old towels and blankets for the animals at your local shelter.
  • Participate in BC SPCA events such as Paws for a Cause and National Cupcake Day.

All of these are great opportunities to help out, and get to know animals and how to care for them! These experiences can also help prepare you for a career working with animals.

Careers with animals

Would you like to work with animals someday? Check out our career profiles (PDFs) to find out what it’s like to help animals for a living: