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For parents

Camps and workshops

BC SPCA camps and workshops are fun, educational and empowering! Whether joining us for a Pro-D day, a week of spring or summer camp, or a special holiday event, participants get a unique animal-themed experience with our humane educators.

Visit our youth events page to learn more and to register.

Children's hands caress and pet red border collie dog

BC SPCA Kids Club

Our BC SPCA Kids Club is all about encouraging a love of animals in kids ages 13 and under.

When you sign your kids up, they’ll get:

Join the Kids Club today!

Learn at Home

The BC SPCA is pleased to share some of our favourite activities for animal-loving kids to do at home! Our activities are designed for fun and learning, and most include a link to additional materials from Bark! magazine where kids can learn more about animals and the environment.

Discover BC SPCA Learn at Home!

Learn about pet care

Thinking of getting a pet? Our shelters have lots of dogs, cats, rodents and rabbits available for adoption. Make sure your kids are prepared to look after a pet by reading our care guides.

What about volunteering?

A common question we’re asked is whether kids are allowed to volunteer at our shelters. Just to let you know, your child has to be at least 16 years of age to volunteer with the animals — for safety reasons. Animals come to our shelters from all different backgrounds. Not all of them are comfortable around young people. We don’t want to put them — or your kids! — at risk.

Some of our smaller shelters have programs for junior volunteers. Usually, a parent has to be present at all times. The best way to find out about volunteering opportunities for you and your kids is to contact your local shelter directly.

Helping animals in other ways

We feel that youth involvement in helping animals in the community is very important. Here are a few suggestions for kids who are really keen to make a difference:

  • Foster an animal as a family.
  • Get some friends together and organize a “dog wash”.
  • Arrange to walk a neighbour’s dog.
  • Offer to pet sit for a friend or family member.
  • Collect old towels and blankets for the animals at your local shelter.
  • Start a neighbourhood or school animal club (PDF).

All of these are great opportunities for kids to help out, and get to know animals and how to care for them! Join the Kids Club for more regular “take action” ideas from Bark! magazine and e-Kids newsletter.

Photo Credit Shelley Dube
Photo by Shelley Dube