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After being reported to the Animal Helpline by a caring neighbour, Animal Protection officers responded to the distress call to find Daisy, and four other cats, left in a home without food, water or care for some time. They were thin, hungry and dehydrated.

But 12-year-old Daisy was not defeated. Her friendly, sweet character prevailed and with a little care, she was healthy again and ready to find her perfect human match. She went to her new furever home on September 27, 2020.

Daisy’s new guardians sent us this happy story three years later:

“I enjoy perusing the BC SPCA Adoption Stories and one day, I came across Boots and Maisie, adopted from the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre in October 2020. I did a double take.

I recognized Boots and Maisie as I was a volunteer at the Vancouver BC SPCA and I remember a trio of sisters coming into the Vancouver shelter–Boots, Maisie and Patches. Mike and I ended up adopting Patches and changed her name to Daisy, because she is so sweet and lovely. Daisy is one year younger than Boots and Maisie and we adopted her as a 12 year old in September 2020.

Mike and I had said a very sad goodbye to our beloved Hobbes a year prior. Hobbes was also adopted as a senior cat at 15 years old from the Vancouver shelter and he was with us for just over two years. Mike and I needed some time to grieve before adopting another senior cat.

We have a preference to adopt senior cats as they are in need of a good home and are often overlooked. It has been a true honour and pleasure to adopt senior cats. To accompany them through their senior years is rewarding. I wouldn’t choose any other way.

What struck us when reading the Boots and Maisie adoption story, was just how similar their personalities are to Daisy’s. When I was volunteering, I remember all three cats as sugary sweet, very affectionate and gentle. When I first met Daisy at the shelter, she immediately came out and sat on my lap, purring. I wanted Mike to meet Daisy and so he did, and the rest is history.

Daisy loves her humans. She loves sitting on our laps at all times. Similar to Boots and Maisie, she loves her belly being rubbed. Mike works from home and has a constant companion at his desk.

She is an indoor only cat and she likes to look outside from her cat tree and watch us as we garden. She used to love zooming through her cat tunnel and she would perfect it so that she didn’t make a sound. She would go back and forth, back and forth, until she had perfected a very silent run through.

She loves playing with her crinkly toys, but only on our bed. She sees our bed as her play area. We will often hear her batting a toy on our bed, rolling around, zooming back and forth.

At night, she often sleeps cuddled up in our arms under the duvet. One surprise for us is even though we have had two very hot summers, she still loves to sit on our laps. Her tolerance for heat is surprising!

Daisy is our love and joy and Mike and I know we made the best decision by having her in our lives. I am thrilled to hear the story of Boots and Maisie and am so glad they found loving homes as well.”

It warms our hearts to see and hear how happy Daisy is in your home. You’re absolutely right about seniors! There is something extra rewarding in providing a safe and loving home to a companion animal who’s had a history.

Thank you for choosing to adopt, and to adopt seniors. From the photos, it looks like Daisy’s got a lot of living yet to do in her purrfect retirement home.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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