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It makes our hearts so full when we see our beloved senior animals find the homes they deserve.

James was 11 years young when he came to the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre in March 2018. With all his life experiences already, we knew James would truly appreciate his future guardian.

After two months of enjoying James’ company and affection at the shelter, we were thrilled when Michelle came along, in search of a senior feline to call her own. They would make the purrfect match.

It has been a few years, and sadly James has since passed on. However, Michelle has written to us with a beautiful tribute:

“I grew up with a cat who lived to the ripe old age of 23. When I became an adult, I never dared to adopt because I didn’t feel responsible enough. If I adopted a cat, I had to be able to provide the best food and care for them.

Eventually, I felt ready. So, I started looking for a friendly male cat who wanted to have his kingdom to himself.

When I saw James’ photo on the BC SPCA website, I felt compelled to go meet him.

He was a senior and there was a note that he needed a full dental surgery within six months of adoption. I was prepared to provide the care he needed.

I had almost six wonderful years with James. He became a legend in my building, owning the hallway in front of my door, which was propped open for him. He loved the adoration from all his people coming and going.

James required lots of medical care. In addition to his dental health issues, he had cardiomyopathy and chronic kidney disease. I was glad to have pet insurance!

Regardless, James was a happy boy until his rapid decline last August. I found out he needed to be euthanized right before the August long weekend. The vets were going to be closed over the weekend but I wasn’t ready to let him go right then and there.

The vet clinic taught me how to do palliative care at home. I gave James subcutaneous fluids, administered anti-nausea and pain medication and kept him as happy and comfortable as possible for four days.

James had 17 friends and neighbours come by to visit. He was over the moon with all the attention, getting treats and pets from all his fans. I could tell he felt energized by all the love.

On James’ last day, he knew it was time. He didn’t sleep around my head for the first time in years. When I woke up, I was really sad and I sang a little song I made up for him. That made him come over to me for a cuddle.

In the months since James passed away I started painting again to honour him, and because painting him made me miss him less somehow. The hardest thing I have ever done was to let go of my sweet boy.”

Thank you, Michelle, for adopting James and for giving him such an amazing life in his golden years. It is wonderful to hear how James had such a huge impact on you and your community.

We are very sorry for your loss. losing a beloved companion is never easy. May you find comfort in the many sweet memories you made together and in the knowledge you gave James the best second chance at living his life to the fullest.

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