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Adopted May 2, 2022 from

Sometimes, when amazing animals remain in the shelter for longer than usual, it’s because they’re still waiting for their perfect guardian to come along. When Star came to the BC SPCA Kamloops Community Animal Centre as a stray in the spring of 2022, he was so friendly and curious. We knew he would make an …


Adopted July 5, 2019 from

When we see our adopted pets, our hearts fill with love and it can be hard for us to imagine anything bad ever happening to them. However, for many of the animals that are surrendered into our care, their past history understandably plays a role in how they approach the world around them. With this …


Adopted August 20, 2022 from

This gorgeous girl is Bonnie. She was surrendered as a kitten to the BC SPCA Kamloops Community Animal Centre on August 14, 2022 by a family who didn’t have time to care for her. Bonnie was a little nervous and nippy at her initial examination and she was bothered by ear mites. But as soon …


Adopted May 22, 2021 from

Some cats are not lap cats, and that’s okay. However, that may leave some of us with an empty lap longing to be accompanied with a warm, purring companion. So, the natural answer is to adopt another cat—at least, that was Brittany’s solution. In May 2021, Brittany found herself on the BC SPCA website searching …


Adopted February 12, 2021 from

Most often when we adopt a new animal into our home, there is an adjustment period, however, once our new pet understands they are safe and loved in their new environment, they usually can’t resist settling right in. When Morgan first adopted Smurf from the BC SPCA West Kootenay Community Animal Centre in February 2021, …


Adopted August 13, 2022 from

Cats are truly amazing in the way that many of them waste no time in ruling their new home. When Bryan adopted Karma, a young, energetic and friendly black kitty from the BC SPCA Burnaby Community Animal Centre in August 2022, he was surprised to see how quickly his new cat settled right in. Sometimes …


Adopted June 8, 2022 from ,

Otis was one of four Terrier/Corgi mix dogs surrendered to the BC SPCA South Peace Community Animal Centre in Dawson Creek on May 12, 2022. The owner had too many animals. Otis loved people and loved to play and cuddle. Although he felt safest being with one of his siblings, he was anxious and reactive …

Casper & Smokey

Adopted July 18, 2021 from ,

For many of us, our family just doesn’t feel complete without a furry feline… or three. When Shi-anne’s human son was only four months old in July 2021, she and her partner decided they wanted him to grow up with his own kitty companion. So, Shi-anne went to search at the BC SPCA West Kootenay …


Adopted October 28, 2019 from

Finding the right comforting environment can do wonders for our animals’ well-being. Sadie, a sweet-tempered and friendly chocolate Labrador retriever, had been in and out of treatments for ongoing medical issues. She really needed a stable home with a loving guardian to help with her healing. Then one day in the summer of 2019, Katie …