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This young German Shepherd/Husky mix was abandoned on a frigid day in January 2023, at a stop sign in Salmon Valley, Prince George. Luckily a Good Samaritan saw her plight and took her to the BC SPCA North Cariboo Community Animal Centre.

We named her Krinkle because she had a charming habit of “smiling” with her nose crinkled, showing her teeth. Krinkle had a ton of energy and was very excitable when she met new dogs and people. She needed to be with guardians (and maybe a canine buddy) who would be patient with her and teach her some new manners.

She was transferred to the BC SPCA Abbotsford Community Animal Centre for exposure to a larger number of adopters. There was tremendous interest in this pup, but the winning adopters were judged to be just the right match for her. By February 5, she was on her way home.

And the rest is happy history, as you will read here:

“When we first saw Krinkle’s sideways grin and her crinkled nose, we knew she looked like trouble, but we knew that she would fit into our family perfectly. There was a lot of interest on her Facebook adoption post. I thought we were going to miss our opportunity to adopt her, so we ended up submitting an application at 1:00 in the morning when we first saw her adoption post.

When the BC SPCA Abbotsford opened that day, I followed up with a phone call and we were able to meet Krinkle right away. As we were coming from out past 100 Mile House to Abbotsford, the BC SPCA accommodated us, squeezing us in for a meet and greet first thing in the morning. So we hopped in the truck, and we were off to meet what would hopefully be our little girl.

Krinkle, or “Special K,” as we like to call her, was confirmed “ours” by the end of the appointment. She ended up going for her spay appointment the following morning, and next thing you know, we were heading back home with our new girl.

When we first brought Krinkle home, it was difficult, as she wasn’t getting along with our Golden Retriever, Cooper. But with lots of time, patience and a structured routine, Krinkle quickly became the most loyal and loving companion.

She’s extremely smart, knows what she wants and runs the show at the local dog parks by keeping all of the other dogs in line. She’s quite the little character. She loves going for rides in the truck, hanging with her dog pals at the parks, long walks, chewing on her bone while we watch a movie, playing soccer and spending time with her family.

Since adoption in February 2023, Krinkle has filled our home with such love, and her presence is always known. She sits on our feet while we cook dinner, she loves her big dog brother Cooper, and her cat sister Layla, and she wakes us up daily with cuddles and face washes. Krinkle is the greatest addition to our family and she continues to surprise us daily with learning new tricks and positive changes in her behaviour.

We love you, Krinkle! We can’t thank the BC SPCA Abbotsford enough for their kindness, willingness to accommodate and for supporting us with finding a dog to suit our family lifestyle.”

We put a lot of emphasis into making the right match to provide a win for both parties. We can tell from the smiles on all your faces that everyone hit the jackpot on this one.

Thank you for choosing to adopt, not shop. We expect you have many wonderful adventures ahead!

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