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When we give our animals the stability, trust and loving environment they need, that’s when they truly flourish.

When Guy adopted Nova from the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre in December 2023, he heard some stories about Nova’s past, which indicated she didn’t exactly thrive in her previous situation.

Nevertheless, Guy only saw the best in seven-month-old Nova from the very start. She won him over with her charm and gentle demeanour, which has only continued to this day.

It has now been two months since Guy brought Nova home and he has written to us with an update:

“Nova has been a dream companion for me. She is nine months old now. She is always very friendly with people and other dogs.

When I adopted her, I was told Nova allegedly ‘destroyed’ the previous owner’s house. In the two months she has lived with me, Nova has not damaged anything inside our home. On our first day, she stole and hid a rubber doorstop. Two weeks later, I found it gently placed beside my morning coffee cup.

Nova stays home alone for up to an hour with free range of the house. She does nothing but wait for me until I come home again. I never see anything out of place when I return.

If I go out for longer than two hours, I put Nova in my bedroom with the door closed. She has her crate in the bedroom. Even though the crate door is never closed, that’s where she always chooses to be. She refuses to go on to my bed. I have invited her to come up on the bed many times, but she prefers her crate. I feel it’ll all happen in good time.

Nova is very gentle with her toys. In fact, the toys that the BC SPCA provided us are still in exactly the same condition as the day we got them. She doesn’t even make a squeaker toy squeak.

A few days ago I found her messing around with a disconnected HDMI cord behind the TV. I struggled for about 10 minutes to try and figure out where the cord had come from, but figured it was just a loose one I’d left behind the TV for a while.

I left the room and, when I came back in, Nova had placed one of her toys where the HDMI cable had been. So, I looked more carefully, this time under the TV stand… and there was another toy there that she couldn’t reach. She was telling me that the HDMI cord was just a byproduct of her attempts to reach her toy. Once we sorted it all out, that HDMI cord came away completely unscathed.

Nova loves the snow and the water. We enjoy walking around in the shoreline water of Okanagan Lake. I bet she will be a good swimmer.

She even adores cross-country skiing! Nova runs beside me off leash and meets other skiers and dogs along the way without incident. We usually ski about 14 kilometres. Sometimes she gets to the parking lot at the end of a ski trip a couple minutes before I catch up to her. In these moments, she is already sitting and shaking hands with other skiers.

Nova constantly follows her nose. We go for two or three walks each day. She loves the dog park and will recall with a clicker most of the time—even when playing with other dogs. We have been working on the recall clicker training and she shows me amazing potential.

I would like to thank all of the wonderful people at the BC SPCA who have made this life-changing opportunity possible for Nova and me.”

We would like to thank you, Guy, for adopting Nova and for already providing her with such a fulfilling lifestyle. It’s clear you have both found your perfect adventure buddy in each other.

We couldn’t be happier seeing how you’re already helping Nova grow into the best dog she can be. We have no doubt you’ll be rewarded tenfold for your efforts as you and Nova make many happy memories together over the years to come.

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