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When Ivar was found as a stray and came to the BC SPCA South Okanagan/Similkameen Community Animal Centre in June 2017, we didn’t know much about him.

Well, except for one thing: this boy had boundless energy.

After getting to know Ivar, we discovered how much he loved to adventure, jump and howl. His new guardians would need to have an active lifestyle to keep up with this pup.

When Joan and Chris came along, they were certainly up for the challenge. Ivar’s unknowns did not deter them one bit; in fact, he excited them and they only wanted to find out more.

Now, almost seven years later, Joan and Chris couldn’t be happier that they made the decision to adopt Ivar on that day back in 2017. They have shared their story with us:

“We had been searching for the right dog to join our family for about six months before Ivar appeared on our screen on the BC SPCA website.

He was gorgeous. It was love at first sight. We didn’t hesitate to make contact and set up a meeting.

Ivar was extremely high energy. With no backstory, we had no idea what we were getting into but we were excited for the challenge.

It’s now many years later and this dude has really come into his own. Ivar is our best protector, cuddler and amazingly our best singer. We can’t imagine our lives without this weirdo.

We are forever grateful for the work the BC SPCA does.”

Thank you, Joan and Chris, for taking that chance and adopting Ivar. Your devotion to him over the past several years is inspiring. We’re so grateful to you for being ready for the challenge of raising a high-energy dog.

Ivar’s affection and impressive vocal abilities are obvious indicators of how loved he feels in your family. Thank you for making Ivar such an integral part of your lives and for giving him the perfect home.

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