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In December of 2004, this beautiful cream Pomeranian mix was surrendered to the BC SPCA Vancouver Community Animal Centre. His owners were moving and could not take him with them.

Jordi was clearly a very nice little fellow, but it didn’t seem that his early life had been very secure. He needed lots of love, handling and socializing to allow him to live his best life. Luckily, on February 1, 2005 just the right match walked in and took him to his new home, where he would become a cherished family member.

His forever guardians write to us here:

“I wanted to write this story about Jordi, a Pomeranian mix who we adopted from the BC SPCA Vancouver in 2005. I wanted to let you know how enriched our lives were for bringing him into our family.

Jordi had the most wonderful, long life and passed away before his 18th birthday nearly two years ago. We all still miss him dearly.

Jordi was a rambunctious little guy who moved with us back to White Rock and mixed regularly with his cousins, a band of three British Bulldogs who Jordi adored. They ran around a half-acre garden for hours having fun in the summer. Jordi’s family also extended to include two cats with whom he got along with great ease.

There were daily trips to the beach and the dog park, which created an ever widening circle of doggy friends, so his social life was quite extensive over the years.

I wanted to let you know that Jordi had the very best life we could give him and taking care of him was an utter joy. The only hard part is when it’s time to say goodbye, but his joyful spirit and our memories of him live on with us.

Thank you for all you do to care for and protect animals. Uniting us with Jordi was truly life changing.”

We love to hear from people who’ve adopted animals from our care, whether it be twenty days ago or almost twenty years ago. What a wonderful, long, enriched life you gave your boy. It makes our work worthwhile to hear how happy you were together.

Thank you so much for choosing to adopt from the BC SPCA.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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