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This is the story of a true survivor, Raven, a pup named after the majestic bird that symbolizes survival and adaptability. And you’re going to see why we named her so.

On December 18, 2021, little Raven was admitted to the BC SPCA Vancouver Animal Hospital in full crisis. When an employee of a women’s shelter brought her to us, this eight-year-old poodle was in active seizure. The doctors believed she had ingested some kind of drug and weren’t sure she would survive.

Raven was shaking uncontrollably and was unable to sit or stand or lift her head. Our veterinary staff were not going to give up on her without a fight. With detoxification and under the vigilant round-the-clock watch of one of our incredible foster guardians, miraculously Raven rallied.

By the first week of February, Raven was able to have some badly needed dental surgery. By February 23, she was okayed for adoption. Whew!

Raven is now in a safe and loving home. Her new, forever guardian wrote to tell us how she’s doing:

“Here is my little story regarding my dog adoption. I already have a lovely seven-year-old Yorkshire Terrier and I had no intention of getting a second dog but I got caught by surprise.

I had decided to make a donation this year in honour of the legend Betty White, who passed away two weeks prior to her hundredth birthday. So I decided to go at the BC SPCA for my donation and to bring at the same time a bunch of old towels.

What do I see crawling behind the counter–a little black fur ball called Raven, which means survival. I just fell in love with this tiny pretty face, especially her story of survival.

Also holding her in my arms I could feel a deep emotional bond. I kept thinking about her all night because she reminded me of a previous dog called Dora.

The next day I had to apply for her adoption but she was still in a foster home recuperating. So I waited patiently to find out I was chosen as a good candidate to adopt Raven.

So now I am debating calling Raven Dora or Raven or Dora-Raven, even Betty White (funny as she is all black).

To make a long story short, we just love each other and my Yorkie is showing her how to play with a ball. Raven loves playing and guarding her little ball. She runs after Tango when we play together; it is so funny.

We are a very happy family because of Betty White. A special thank you to the BC SPCA for saving Raven’s life.”

Your obvious love for Raven is the happiest ending this story could have. Thank you for choosing to adopt this tiny sweetheart, and for giving her the retirement she so richly deserves with you and her buddy Tango.

If Betty is watching, we are certain she is pleased and proud to see how this story line has played out. Many happy years to you and your furry companions.

Have you adopted an animal from the BC SPCA and want to share your joy with others? Submit your adoption story!

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