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Biggie Smalls (aka Slim)

Sometimes it can take a bit of searching and perseverance before finding the right feline fit for your family.

While Emilia was looking for a cat, she was determined to only adopt the cat who felt like the purrfect fit.

Emilia’s determination paid off when she met Biggie Smalls (aka Slim) at the BC SPCA Tri-Cities Education & Adoption Centre in December 2023.

It has only been a couple weeks since his adoption, but Biggie has wasted no time in snuggling right up with his forever guardian.

Emilia has shared an update with us on their new lives together:

“I had been looking for a cat for quite some time but I didn’t seem to have a connection with them. Then, I saw Slim (also now called Biggie Smalls) online and immediately fell in love with him.

This ‘little’ guy won my heart very quickly. Biggie Smalls has been nothing but a snuggle bug since I brought him home. He loves attention and often meows until he gets his ear scratches.

He enjoys sleeping in on Mommy’s bed and watching birdies from the living room window. He has become quite active and is able to jump up on the bed and couch for extra snuggles. He loves his catnip-filled pickle toy that his Auntie bought for him.

Biggie Smalls is a perfect little guy and warms up everyone’s heart with his sweet face. I am so glad to have seen him and been able to bring him home!”

Thank you, Emilia, for adopting Biggie Smalls. Even though this large lad was notorious for his not-so-slim figure, we could see just how full of love and affection he is. Thank you for committing to giving Biggie Smalls the best quality of life from here on out. It warms our hearts to see him in such a loving home.

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