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Pazz (formerly Chaz)

On February 6, 2024, 26 kitties were surrendered from a property with too many animals. Most of them had a highly contagious upper respiratory infection, coming to us with sneezy, watery eyes and noses and some coughing. This is pretty normal for outdoor kitties, as is uncontrolled population growth, as all of them were intact.

Everybody was treated for their conditions, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before they were posted available for adoption.

This handsome one-year-old brown tabby was originally named Chaz, but his parents changed it, to go along with a total change in his luck since his new guardians took him home on March 22, 2024. Here’s how things are going with this lucky boy now:

“A warm introductory hello from Pazz. Just wanted to let you know I have literally made leaps and bounds in my adopted home. My new mom chose me as birthday gift for herself after reading online about a larger group of us felines in need who arrived at the BC SPCA Kelowna Community Animal Centre.

My new brother, Ranzar and sister, Winta are adjusting to my busy ways and having to share their humans with me. My favourite toys are the kitty tunnels, plastic curls, small balls AND watching the active wildlife outside the house through its many windows. Running up and down the inside stairs is helping to keep me fit.

I have been a very good boy not jumping on to counters, haven’t touched any plants or bothered my owners’ pet bird or fish. My fur is silky/shiny now and I am gaining weight, too!!

My chatty conversations are welcomed and I am truly feeling the love! I purr exceptionally loud and am learning to trust my humans more and more so am comfortable being snuggled at times.

Thank you for giving me a safe place to transition to my furever home. I am hopeful that all my family/friends are doing well and am wishful other people will open their hearts and homes to wonderful kitties/cats like me.

Luv Pazz and sincere thank you from my mom and dad, too!!”

What a great life you’re having, Pazz. What a good and dear boy you are! We’re sure you thank your humans every day for choosing to adopt you. We’re so glad you have siblings to share in your life, which we trust will be long, safe and happy.

And, by the way, your 25 lovely buddies were also very popular with adopters. Most of them are already in their new furever homes, too. Thanks for spreading the word.

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