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Wild animals

Wild animals face many issues in nature and under human captivity.

Read our submission to B.C. government on many of these issues.

Voice your concerns for animal welfare and conservation and turn your passion into action by learning more about these important topics:

Big sad brown bear resting on cage barsAnimals in captivity

Wild and exotic animals live in captivity for a variety of reasons, many for entertainment. Learn more about the challenges of animals kept in zoos, aquariums, circuses, movies, TV or sports.

Lab ratAnimals in research, teaching and testing

Learn how animals are currently used in science, and about safer alternatives to using animals in research, teaching and testing.

Exotic pets

Wild animals don’t make good pets. Learn about our position on why exotic animals should never be kept as pets.

Facts about furFur coat on mannequin

There is no such thing as animal-friendly fur in fashion, and there is no guarantee that “faux” fur coats do not contain real fur.

Compassionate conservation

Do we always have to choose between animal welfare or conservation? Learn how the new science of compassionate conservation is merging these ideas. (Photo credit: Dennis McLaren)

Humane rodent control

Event “pests” deserve to be treated humanely. Learn how to prevent rodents in your home and read more about control methods like glueboards, poisons and snap traps.

Urban wildlife

Help prevent wildlife conflicts. Access resources on how to peacefully co-exist with our urban wildlife neighbours.

Wildlife rehabilitation

We all have a shared responsibility to ensure the welfare of wild animals. Learn more about wildlife rehabilitation.

Wolf management 

Learn more about wolf culls in BC and Alberta, and how killing wolves won’t save the caribou or other species. (Photo credit : John E. Marriott)

Wildlife tourism

Help protect local wild animals where you travel – 10 ways to be tourist aware.


Take action for animals

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