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Animals in the home

BC SPCA Ban fireworks 2021

Support a federal petition to protect animals from fireworks.

Take Action

Grey cat sitting on carpet wearing collar and id being pet by womanPet-friendly housing

Resources to make it easier for you and your pet to find a home.


Cat overpopulation

B.C. has too many cats and not enough homes. Find out what we are doing about it and how you can help.

Cute puppy dog being held and cuddled by girlThings to know before getting a pet

Buying or adopting a pet can come with risks. Make sure you ask the right questions and take action to help animals.

An aggressive dog barking and looking scary and angryAggressive dogs

Breed-specific bylaws don’t keep communities safe. Find out what you can do to change your community’s bylaws on dangerous dogs.

Sad dog outdoors tethered on a chainChained and outdoor animals

Concerned about a dog outside, abused or on a chain? Take action to help.



Learn more about the dangers that fireworks pose to pets and other animals in our communities.


Take action for animals

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