Mink farms to be phased out in B.C. - BC SPCA
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Mink farms to be phased out in B.C.

November 5, 2021

The BC SPCA would like to thank the tens of thousands of British Columbians who spoke out against the suffering of mink on commercial farms in B.C.  The BC SPCA has been actively campaigning for the past two years for an end to the practice of farmed mink, who are raised and killed solely for pelts sold to support luxury fashion industries overseas.

“Today the provincial government announced a ban on live mink on farms after April, 2023, with a full shut-down of the industry in B.C. by 2025,” says Dr. Sara Dubois, the BC SPCA’s chief scientific officer. “A minority of the animals might remain on farms after this winter but will not be permitted to breed.”

While the government cited concerns over the spread of COVID-19 on mink farms as the reason for the phase-out, Dr. Dubois says British Columbians have also made it clear to government through thousands of letters, emails and petition signatures that they will not tolerate an unnecessary and inhumane industry in B.C.

“We are grateful to every animal lover in B.C. who took the time to express their views on this important animal welfare matter.”

Dr. Dubois notes that the BC SPCA and other concerned groups began warning the government in the summer of 2020 about the risks of COVID-19 transmission between animals and humans on mink farms. “It was just another reason to put an end to an industry that no longer aligns with the values of British Columbians.”

She says the BC SPCA is grateful to the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs (UBCIC), concerned infectious disease specialists, The Fur-Bearers and Humane Society International/Canada, who also called for a ban on fur farming in B.C.

“We are pleased to see the government take this step and look forward to working cooperatively with them on matters related to animal welfare in B.C. in the future,” says Dubois.

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