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News Category: Wildlife

Rescued baby raccoons a reminder to refrain from trapping or relocating wildlife

baby raccoons sleeping
May 29, 2020

An adult female raccoon was recently trapped and removed from an area, which meant her two baby raccoons were unknowingly left behind. The orphans were found a few days later by a caring member of the public when they were heard crying and calling for their mother. Fortunately, these two baby raccoons are now being …

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Rescued brood of nestlings is a reminder to keep cats indoors this spring

nestlings inside incubator
May 17, 2020

With spring comes baby birds, and the hardworking team at the BC’s SPCA Wild Animals Rehabilitation Centre (ARC) have been busy looking after a brood of injured Bewick’s Wren nestlings who were brought into the facility recently by a caring member of the public. According to Andrea Wallace, manager, wildlife welfare, the Good Samaritan had …

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Co-existing with coyotes

April 10, 2020

Coyotes can be found throughout most of B.C., and it is common to spot them in rural, suburban and even urban settings. Coyote sightings in the city are normal, even during the day. It can be surprising and sometimes unnerving to see them, but like many wild animals, coyotes are generally not interested in engaging …

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