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News Category: Wildlife

BC SPCA’s Wild ARC is asking for donations as it readies for its busiest season

April 14, 2021

The BC SPCA’s Wild Animal Rehabilitation Centre (Wild ARC) is nearing its busiest time of year when hundreds of babies will be brought through their doors. “As the only wildlife rehabilitation centre on southern Vancouver Island, we treat close to 3,000 animals a year and most of those animals arrive during the spring and summer …

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BC SPCA urges Canadians to take action against inhumane wildlife poisoning

March 31, 2021

The BC SPCA is urging Canadians to sign a Federal e-petition to end wildlife poisoning by banning the use of strychnine, Compound 1080, and sodium cyanide. These three poisons are known as “predacides” and are allowed to be used in Canada to control large predators (wolves, coyotes, and bears) for the purposes of protecting livestock, vulnerable wildlife species, or the health and safety of people in remote areas.  The use of …

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BC SPCA asks public to remove bird feeders after salmonella outbreak

pine siskin
March 23, 2021

UPDATE: Salmonella outbreak continues, BC SPCA asks public to remove bird feeders until warmer weather in April-May. Wildlife rehabilitation centres in the Lower Mainland saw an increase in pine siskins admitted due to Salmonella in February and March. Wild ARC in Victoria also continues to admit smaller numbers of pine siskins, as well as a …

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SPCA applauds Salmon Arm on motion to ban rodenticides

March 18, 2021

The BC SPCA applauds the City of Salmon Arm’s decision to ban the use of all anticoagulant rodenticides on city properties and incorporate humane pest control practices on all public properties. A motion was brought forward by Councillor Sylvia Lindgren following discussions by the city’s Environmental Advisory Committee. The motion passed unanimously March 8th, making …

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Rat poison injuring wildlife

northern spotted owl in the wild
March 2, 2021

The beauty and diversity of B.C. wildlife are undeniable. However, some wild animals are better kept away from your home. Did you know the methods you choose to control them have an impact on other wildlife? Wild rats are a good example. Anticoagulant rodenticide is commonly used in urban areas for rodent control, not only …

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BC SPCA urges Canadians to sign petition to end cruel trade of exotic animals

January 15, 2021

The BC SPCA is urging Canadians to sign a petition calling on the federal government to end the international and domestic trade of exotic birds and other wild animals. Dr. Sara Dubois, chief scientific officer for the BC SPCA, says a case last month where 50 parrots and toucans from Guyana were held at Vancouver …

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