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News Category: Wildlife

Celebrate World Otter Day May 29 with these ‘otterly’ awesome otter facts

River otter eating crab legs on rock
May 27, 2024

British Columbia is home to two species of otters – river otters and sea otters. Sea otters spend their lives in the ocean. They mate, sleep, groom, hunt, and give birth in the water. River otters are often confused for sea otters when they’re spotted in or near the ocean, but river otters are also …

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Five ways to become a swallow steward this season

Barn swallow in the rain
May 24, 2024

While our avian friends have some pretty impressive qualities in common – forget flying, try building a nest sturdy enough to hold tiny hatchlings without using your hands! – birds belonging to the group of aerial insectivores are particularly impressive. Birds like swallows, swifts, martins, and nighthawks have a diet that consists almost completely of …

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Prevent a cat-astrophe: Protect wild babies from cat attacks

May 8, 2024

Spring is here once again and, with it, a new baby season. Across the province, wild animals of all kinds are busy starting families. Sadly, these families are vulnerable to attacks from cats venturing outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather too. Cats are natural hunters With their keen eyesight and agile bodies, cats are built …

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