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News Category: Pet care, behaviour, prevention and education

3 reasons why microchips should be your pick for permanent pet ID

Bichon Frise being scanned for a microchip
August 15, 2019

A microchip is the most reliable form of permanent identification that you can provide for your pet. One in three pets will go missing in their lifetime and a microchip can make a difference by reuniting lost pets with their families. In honour of Check the Chip day, the BC Pet Registry is sharing three …

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Leaving dogs in cars: Avoid heat exhaustion and save lives

Sad dog left unattended in hot car
August 8, 2019

It only takes minutes to put your pet in a life-threatening situation when left in a vehicle on a warm or hot day.  Below are common concerns and tips to advocate for pet safety. Pledge not to leave pets in hot cars this summer and get a free #NoHotPets car decal. *Update: Decals are going …

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Tick-tock: No time like the present to check your pet for ticks

Husky dog walking off leash on a forest trail with a woman
July 23, 2019

It’s never too early to check your pet for ticks. After spending some time in the forest, BC SPCA manager of policy and outreach Amy Morris found three ticks on her dog, Clover. “I couldn’t believe I found three on her in such a short timeframe,” Morris says. “I think it highlights the fact that …

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32 vulnerable pets vaccinated in wake of parvo outbreak

Charlie's free vet clinic
July 11, 2019

The BC SPCA ran an expanded vaccine clinic for pet guardians who are homeless or living in SROs after an outbreak of parvovirus claimed the lives of at least four dogs. The vaccines were offered through Charlie’s free vet clinic, which is held on the last Thursday of every month in Oppenheimer Park. “These clinics …

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BC SPCA launches #NoHotPets campaign to highlight dangers of dogs in hot cars

July 4, 2019

The BC SPCA is reminding pet owners that summer temperatures can be deadly, especially for dogs left in parked vehicles. The non-profit animal welfare society has launched a #NoHotPets campaign to urge dog owners to keep their pets safe at home. The campaign includes information on the dangers of dogs in hot cars, steps to …

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Is your dog extra sensitive to hot weather?

July 3, 2019

Hot summer weather can be ‘ruff’ on dogs who have thick fur coats, flat-faces, are obese or elderly. On hot humid days it’s best to keep pets inside with plenty of cold water. Outdoor exercise and walks are best in the early morning or late evening when temperatures are cooler. Bring water and take breaks …

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Expert tips to keep pets cool in the summer heat

July 3, 2019

Hot weather can be fun to enjoy with our furry companions, but it’s important to remember your pet’s needs in warmer weather. Humans can choose to go inside or seek shade if it’s hot out, but pets don’t always have that option. “Our pets often depend on us to make those choices for them,” says …

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Canada Day fête prep: don’t forget your pet

June 29, 2019

As people across the province prepare for Canada Day festivities, the BC SPCA is reminding everyone to think of their animal friends, especially where fireworks are involved. “Fireworks can be upsetting to our furry friends. Sometimes animals may panic, which can put both pets and people in danger,” says Lorie Chortyk, BC SPCA general manager …

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