Celebrate National Pet ID Week with these amazing lost and found 'tails' - BC SPCA
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Celebrate National Pet ID Week with these amazing lost and found ‘tails’

April 17, 2024

National Pet ID Week is April 17-23. Without permanent identification, it is nearly impossible to identify lost animals and reunite them with their families. Approximately 83% of cats and 39% of dogs cannot be traced to their guardian with thousands of stray animals taken to Canadian shelters annually.

In recent microchip scanning events, over 20% of pets scanned had an unregistered microchip. This week serves as a great opportunity for pet guardians to make sure their pet has the best chance of being recovered.

The three heartwarming “lost and found” stories below showcase the importance of having your pet microchipped and tattooed and registered with the BC Pet Registry.

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In a heartwarming tale from North Peace, a community rallied together to reunite Megan and Shaun with their beloved cat Cleo. Cleo’s disappearance during a chaotic moving day sent the family into a panic, sparking a relentless search effort and a lot of emotional turmoil.

Encouraged by community involvement in the search, Megan and Shaun embraced hope with the knowledge that Cleo had a permanent pet ID (such as a tattoo or microchip), so if she was found, they could be contacted.

Eventually, Cleo was found miles away from home by a Good Samaritan and brought to the local SPCA. The reunion with Cleo’s family took longer than expected however, as although Cleo did have permanent pet ID, the ID hadn’t been registered with the BC Pet Registry. If it had, the process of reuniting Megan and Shaun with Cleo would have been significantly faster. The eventual reunion with Cleo was a moment of overwhelming joy for Megan and Shaun.

Cleo’s story underscores the crucial role of microchipping your pet and registering with the BC Pet Registry to ensure their safety and well-being. From Good Samaritans to dedicated BC SPCA staff, everyone played a vital role in Cleo’s journey home. Read the full story and learn more about BC Pet Registry.


In Kelowna, Norman the cat embarked on an unintended adventure lasting five days. Facing harsh weather conditions, including thunderstorms and relentless downpours, Norman found himself lost and without visible identification.

On the fifth day, a compassionate neighbour discovered Norman wandering in their backyard, prompting them to take him to the BC SPCA Kelowna animal centre. With a swift scan, staff identified Norman through his microchip. Thanks to the BC Pet Registry, Norman’s family was quickly contacted, marking a moment of relief amidst their worried search efforts.

Norman’s reunion underscores the significance of microchipping and registering pets with the BC Pet Registry. This real-life account emphasizes the importance of up-to-date contact information, ensuring expedited reunions between lost pets and their families.  Read the full story and learn more about BC Pet Registry.

A permanent pet ID has little value unless it is registered. Without a contact linked to a permanent ID, a microchip or tattoo is simply a number.

By registering your pet’s ID with the BC Pet Registry, your contact information is linked to their microchip, tattoo or license. At the BC Pet Registry, pet guardians can register their contact information with their pet’s microchip, tattoo or license number.

This registration will enable any participating veterinarian, animal control agency or rescue group to identify the lost animal in their care and notify guardians — and have a happy ending like these families.

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