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BC SPCA’s Treat Week helps sweet kittens like Butters

January 17, 2020

This little orphaned kitten wouldn’t have stood a chance without help from the BC SPCA. A Good Samaritan found him in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside and contacted the BC SPCA’s local animal protection officer for help. This two-week-old kitten had ear mites and was weak from malnourishment. The officer brought the kitten to a veterinary hospital …

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Cat from China’s amazing journey towards adoption

January 16, 2020

Journey, the cat from China who was found inside a shipping container in Prince George, continues to recover is SPCA care. Journey’s life-threatening medical concerns have been addressed but she has made slower progress towards learning to trust the people who care for her. Journey remains under the watchful and specialized care of Dr. Karen …

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Marigold is a victim of cruelty and needs your help

January 14, 2020

The BC SPCA’s Surrey Good Shepherd Barn is asking for your help to care for a three-year-old pot-belly pig called Marigold. This young pig came into SPCA care through a cruelty investigation surrender. “Marigold had overgrown hooves that caused her to walk like she was wearing flippers, causing tendon and ligament strain,” says Leiki Salumets, …

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How you can support Australia’s wildfire relief efforts

January 8, 2020

Our hearts are with the people, pets and wildlife of Australia impacted by the devastating wildfires. According to recent estimates, more than a billion animals have died, either directly from the flames, smoke inhalation or loss of food sources and habitat. As an animal welfare organization that responds to wildfires and other natural disasters in …

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Poor Judy is a victim of neglect and needs loving care

Judy the Shih Tzu
January 6, 2020

The BC SPCA’s Nanaimo & District Branch is asking for your help with the costs of surgery for an eight-year-old Shih Tzu named Judy. This little dog was surrendered into SPCA care during a cruelty investigation. “Judy has suffered from an untreated eye infection that has left her completely blind,” says Nanaimo SPCA branch manager …

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Puppy who survived drug overdose enjoying life with new family

December 29, 2019

  When Bear, an 11-week-old husky puppy, was surrendered to the Vancouver SPCA earlier this year, staff noticed he was not acting like a normal energetic puppy. The vet conducted a toxicity test, which revealed that Bear had high levels of THC in his tiny body.  This puppy received life-saving medical treatment and it took …

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