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Support the bill to end the live export of Canadian horses for slaughter

October 3, 2023

On September 19, Tim Louis, M.P., introduced Private Member’s Bill C-355 to the House of Commons to prohibit the export by air of horses from Canada for slaughter. Now, it is time to take the final steps to ban live horse export. Take action now More than 40,000 horses have been shipped out of Canada …

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Food label “fowl” play: the free-run myth

September 27, 2023

With so many labels on meat and eggs, it can be challenging to know what each means regarding animal welfare. Free-run and free-range can be particularly confusing labels on poultry products. It’s important to first define these labels in general terms to understand what they mean for farmed poultry. Free-run: animals are raised cage-free but …

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10 fun facts about sheep

August 9, 2023

What do you know about sheep? Don’t let the term ‘sheepish,’ often used to describe people who mindlessly follow others, fool you…sheep are intelligent animals capable of more than just following the flock. Here are ten fun facts you may not know about these farmed animals that you’ll have to read to baa-lieve! 1. Sheep …

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Fun facts about cows

July 7, 2023

Cattle (often informally referred to as ‘cows’) are among the most common and iconic farmed animals. People who have spent time with them will likely agree that cows are valuable individuals with unique personalities. However, our limited exposure to cows encourages people to think they lack intelligence and sensitivity. If you have never given much …

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