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News Category: Animal Stories

Cat gets a second chance thanks to AnimalKind trainer

Cat Layne belly up on the floor
November 21, 2023

By the time he was first surrendered into BC SPCA care, 5-year-old Layne was troubled. Although friendly with other cats, he had lived confined in a room for most of his life with minimal socialization with people. As a result, he was fearful of people and couldn’t fully trust them, including the staff and volunteers …

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Update: Stray kitten found in garage with badly broken leg finds loving home

September 29, 2023

A good Samaritan was cleaning their garage. When they moved a storage crate, they were shocked to find little Haddie trapped underneath. The tiny kitten’s leg looked badly injured. Struggling to free herself, this six-week-old kitten had twisted her leg so badly it had broken and was badly infected. She was gently bundled up and …

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Update: Two dogs abandoned at animal centre with quills embedded in their faces

September 8, 2023

They were found tied to a picnic table in front of the BC SPCA’s North Cariboo animal centre in Prince George. Asha and Saki, two one-year-old husky mix sisters, were abandoned overnight just outside the range of the BC SPCA’s security cameras with porcupine quills embedded in their faces. “When animal centre staff arrived at …

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Update: Emaciated Labrador retriever lucky to be found alive in remote area

September 7, 2023

Fish, a nine-year-old Labrador retriever mix came out of the woods in a remote area in Enderby, close to Kingfisher. He was bone thin and covered in sores. Luckily, a good Samaritan was in the area and was able to get Fish into her car and get him to the BC SPCA in Shuswap. “He …

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Update on Pinky! The little fighter with so much heart

July 6, 2023

Of the 21 cats and eight kittens surrendered into the BC SPCA’s care from a property in Powell River, Pinky, a three-month-old, white kitten, was in the worst shape. “She looked terrible,” says Tara Daniels, manager of the BC SPCA’s Powell River animal centre. “Many of the cats were underweight and had eye issues, but …

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BC SPCA thanks Surrey Firefighters for helping to free trapped kitten

June 15, 2023

A BC SPCA animal protection officer, with the help of two Surrey firefighters, rescued a kitten trapped in a space between the framing and foundation of a home in Surrey. Good Samaritans heard a cat crying on the property and after searching for the cat on their own with no luck, called the BC SPCA’s …

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Five Amazing Animal Dads

June 12, 2023

The animal world, just like the human world, has amazing dads. These animal dads protect, feed, teach and nurture their offspring and in the case of the seahorse, give birth. This Father’s Day we celebrate five animal dads and their dedication to their families. Wolves Wolf dads are committed to their offspring and are heavily …

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Five awesome animal moms

May 8, 2023

Just like the human world, the animal world is filled with amazing moms. They teach, nurture, feed and protect their offspring until they are ready to fend for themselves. In some cases, and I think some moms reading this can relate, the offspring never leave and rely on their mom for food and protection well …

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