Update: Extremely starved dog confined in crate in the dark - BC SPCA
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Update: Extremely starved dog confined in crate in the dark

February 9, 2024

Luffy’s story was heartbreaking. He was found starved and confined in a crate in a dark basement. No one knows how long he had been kept that way, but when the BC SPCA animal protection officer looked closely, she could see that he was extremely emaciated; Luffy’s ribs and hip bones were clearly visible.  He was immediately taken into the care of the BC SPCA and he began to heal.

“We were so concerned about his condition that we transferred him to an emergency vet right away,” says Kristen Sumner, manager of the BC SPCA’s North Cariboo animal centre. “Luffy was so extremely starved, he could only be given food or water under a veterinarian’s care because of the risk to his brain and other organs.” Luffy was in the emergency vet clinic for four days on IV fluids and was carefully administered calories. He was also treated for internal parasites.

Staff at the North Cariboo animal centre continued his refeeding plan under veterinary supervision and worked with him on his resource guarding and to build his trust. Once he had gained some weight, Luffy was transported to the BC SPCA’s Vancouver location as part of the Drive for Lives program. There, he could often be found at the front desk welcoming visitors to the centre. This sweet boy who adores people and loves to learn was waiting for his chance to find a loving forever home. He didn’t have to wait long.

Linda and her partner waited a year after her dog, Sadie a terrier mix, had passed to look for another dog to bring home. “We had been searching the BC SPCA’s website for adoptable dogs. When I saw Luffy’s face, I immediately fell in love with him,” says Linda. They went into the Vancouver community animal centre the very next day to meet him. “Luffy didn’t hesitate to lean in for some loving pets,” says Linda. “I didn’t have all the details, but I knew Luffy had some trauma in his past. I couldn’t believe how peaceful he was given what he had been through. He had the kindest eyes and seemed very soulful.” Linda adds that he has a heart shape on his nose and a patch on his side that also looks like a heart. “He is just pure love!” They submitted the adoption application and Luffy was soon on his way to live happily ever after with his new family.

Luffy, now Baxter, relaxing in his new home.

Luffy, now Baxter, settled in quickly. “He was a little reserved the first couple of days, but his silly side came out in no time,” says Linda. “He is a huge fan of his new toys and he loves to grab one of his stuffies and run around the house and yard with it.

Besides making Baxter feel at home, Linda and her partner are working with a veterinarian to make sure Baxter continues to gain weight. “He is now about 60 pounds and still underweight,” she says. “He is fed four times a day and he gets treats and some puppy soft food. He gets super excited for kibble.” Linda adds that he is very smart and eager to please his new pawrents. “He has been with us for less than a week and he already knows the areas in the kitchen where he can and can’t go and sits in his bed when we eat.”

“Baxter is an amazing dog. He has already brought us so much joy and we hope to do the same for him,” says Linda. “It is so great to have a dog back in our home.”