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News Category: Adoption

5 Shocking reasons “not” to adopt a senior cat

June 13, 2019

Don’t want a rewarding relationship? Then don’t adopt a senior cat. Entertaining, adorable and full of personality? It’s overwhelming! It’s so incredibly unfair that senior cats are cute, cuddly, and camera ready (whether it’s a photobombing or otherwise). They also tend to have their personality traits nailed down, so if you don’t want to be …

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Meow’s the time to make a new friend: adopt an adult cat for half the price

May 22, 2019

If you have room in your home and your heart for a new best friend, the BC SPCA invites you to check out the amazing cats looking for their furr-ever family during our upcoming adult cat adoption promotion. The event, proudly presented by Hill’s® Pet Nutrition, takes place May 25-31 in SPCA shelters across B.C. …

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Why senior animals make great pets

May 22, 2019

It’s common for older pets to get overlooked at shelters with kittens and puppies also hoping for their forever homes. Cats and dogs are considered “senior” or “mature” at around the age of seven. “Often what we’ll see in the shelters is these young little puppies and kittens coming in, and everybody runs to them,” …

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Caring for backyard chickens

May 14, 2019

The BC SPCA is supports consumers seeking alternatives to eggs produced by hens housed in battery cages.  However, backyard chickens can be a lot of work and bring their own unique challenges, so they aren’t the right fit for everyone. If raising hens isn’t for you, purchase eggs produced on SPCA Certified farms and from …

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SPCA saves cat who swallowed 100 hair bands

Hugo the cat
May 9, 2019

Hugo is recovering at the Vancouver SPCA after having surgery to remove about 100 hair bands and elastics from his stomach. He is the second cat in two weeks to arrive at the branch after eating non-food material. Some cats who have a long-term habit of eating non-food items have a compulsive disorder called Pica. …

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In celebration of National Siamese Cat Day

Piper the cat
April 6, 2019

It’s National Siamese Cat Day! This popular cat breed is believed to have originated from Thailand and is known for being extremely talkative, affectionate and intelligent. Siamese cat guardians had a lot to say about caring for their well-loved and gorgeous feline friends: Aliese Mackenzie’s cat Presley “Presley is our princess and we couldn’t imagine …

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