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Double the love in your life with a pair of bonded animals!

February 9, 2024

Life is always better with a best friend by your side. Someone to snuggle up with and doze in the sunshine by the window. A playmate to run with and look to for comfort when you’re scared or hurt. Another little soul to shower with lots of hugs and kisses.

Animals form deep bonds with us, but they also find strength in the relationships they form with other animals. That’s why we make every effort to keep bonded animals together. Unfortunately, bonded pairs often take longer to find their forever homes. The upside to adopting a bonded pair is that they bring twice the love into our lives!

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at some of the bonded pairs currently available for adoption. These bonded animal friends will warm your heart and home:

Scout and Magnum

Meet Scout and Magnum! Scout and her brother Magnum are ready to meet their forever family and get a new start to life. Scout and Magnum are an adorable sibling duo that take a lot of comfort in being near each other. They spend their days exploring their surroundings and they are always ready to adventure.

Scout is looking for a home that will show her endless love and have a heart so big to bring home her brother as well. If you have room in your heart and house please consider adopting these fun siblings!

To learn more about this incredible sibling duo, please contact the BC SPCA South Okanagan Animal Centre.

Bubbles and Grace

Both approximately one year old, Bubbles and Grace arrived with us having never experienced the freedom of flight outside their previous small cage. Initially, their attempts at flight were comically clumsy, with frequent collisions into windows and difficulty finding stable perches. However, with time and patience, they have honed their aerial skills and now gracefully navigate the room with confidence.

To learn more about this charming budgie duo, please contact the BC SPCA Victoria Animal Centre.

Pip, Suzi, and Bubba

This sweet trio of cats has been waiting to find their forever home for almost one year! They came into our care as young orphans and are extremely attached to each other.

To learn more about this sweet trio, please contact the BC SPCA Sunshine Coast Animal Centre.

Abby and Peanut

Meet “Abby and Peanut”, an adorable bonded pair of female guinea pigs aged 3 and 2. These sweet companions have been a delightful addition to their previous family, which included young children and even a furry canine friend. Abby and Peanut have spent a couple of joyful years in their loving home, where they became accustomed to the warmth of family life.

Unfortunately, as time passed, the family developed allergies that made it challenging to care for these lovable guinea pigs. Despite being used to gentle petting, their caregivers found it increasingly difficult to pick them up due to worsening allergies. As a result, Abby and Peanut are now seeking a new forever home where patience and understanding will be key in handling them.

These playful guinea pigs are known for their entertaining antics, often seen popcorn-ing and making adorable little noises in their pen. Their charming personalities and bond add an extra layer of joy to any household. If you’re ready to provide a loving and patient environment for Abby and Peanut, they are eager to share their playful spirit with a new family.

To learn more about this sweet pair, please contact the BC SPCA Burnaby Animal Centre.

Pixel and Rocky

Meet Rocky and Pixel, two big, beautiful sisters who will bring double the love, joy, and companionship into your life.

These intelligent bunnies are quick learners and eager to participate in activities that stimulate their minds. Additionally, they find joy in exploring and playing with cardboard boxes. These affectionate girls enjoy climbing onto laps and cuddling up for cosy moments. They find comfort and security in your presence and will happily snuggle by your side. Rocky and Pixel have impeccable litter habits and are fully litter-trained. They are conscientious about using their designated area and take pride in keeping their living space clean. These adorable sisters have a special bond and engage in grooming rituals to keep each other looking their best. You’ll often find them gently grooming one another, reinforcing their strong bond. Their mutual care and affectionate gestures will melt your heart.

Please contact the BC SPCA Richmond Animal Centre to learn more about these incredible bunnies. Plus, here are some things to know before adopting a rabbit.

Looking for more bonded animals? Check out the BC SPCA adoption site.

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