Longing for Love: Is one of these long-stay animals your perfect match?
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Longing for Love: Is one of these long-stay animals your perfect match?

December 19, 2023

As we transition into the New Year, the BC SPCA still has plenty of animals hoping to find their forever homes in 2024. These long-term residents have only one New Year’s resolution: To find their forever home. There is no time limit – they stay with us until they find their perfect match. 

“We believe that every animal can find their forever home; it just takes a little longer to find the perfect match for some of them,” says Adrienne McBride, senior director, community animal centres.

The BC SPCA utilizes its roster of volunteer foster homes to house its long-term residents. “We want to keep animals mentally and physically strong as they wait to be adopted, so there are some fabulous fosters who will take on our long-term residents to give them a loving home environment,” says McBride.

McBride adds that the animals are engaged in enrichment activities and positive reinforcement training when they are at the shelter and with their foster families.

There are several long-term residents currently in our care. The number of days in care for these featured animals ranges from 50 days to just under one year. They all deserve a loving home and a family to call their own. Learn more about animals looking for a forever home, how to adopt them or find out about becoming a foster volunteer.

Pixel and Rocky in Nanaimo

Lionhead/ Flemish Giant bonded rabbit duo with high intelligence and even higher hopes of finding their forever home this year

These two rabbit sisters will bring joy, love, and companionship into your life. They are quick learners and eager to participate in activities to stimulate their minds. Additionally, they find joy in exploring and playing with cardboard boxes. These affectionate girls enjoy climbing onto laps and cuddling up for cozy moments. They find comfort and security in your presence and will happily snuggle by your side. Rocky and Pixel have impeccable litter habits and are fully litter-trained. They are conscientious about using their designated area and take pride in keeping their living space clean.  

These adorable sisters have a special bond and engage in grooming rituals to keep each other looking their best. You’ll often find them gently grooming one another, reinforcing their strong bond. Their mutual care and affectionate gestures will melt your heart.

Percy in Shuswap

Sassy senior cat in search of the perfect home to live out her golden years

Percy is a sweet gal who appreciates the finer things in life. Her definition of bliss is a cozy cat bed, a lounge spot for soaking up sun rays and a bowl of wet food. Being a senior kitty, Percy has earned the right to be a bit of a diva and will lovingly accept pets on her terms. She’ll purr and happily rub up against you when she’s in the mood for some cuddles and other times, she’d rather have some alone time and take a cat nap.  

She loves wet food and has indulged a bit too much, but she has tackled her weight loss journey! Percy just needs to keep her curves in check, with your help of course! Learn how Percy could become your forever best friend. 

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