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News Category: Adoption

Ask the SPCA: Adoption

September 18, 2016

Question: My husband and I are considering getting a dog for the children to grow up with. When is a good time to bring a dog into the home and what are the benefits to adoption versus purchasing through a breeder or buying online? As the sun sets earlier and weather gets cooler and as …

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Trail SPCA partners with Barks and Recreation to adopt more felines

September 8, 2016

The BC SPCA’s Trail Regional Branch is partnering with Barks and Recreation to make it even easier for potential pet guardians to make the SPCA their “first adoption option”. Beginning Sept. 16 the BC SPCA will launch a new satellite adoption site at Barks and Recreation, 1208 Pine Street, with cats and kittens for adoption. …

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Inside the BC SPCA

September 6, 2016

If you missed it, it’s not too late to view the half-hour special on the BC SPCA produced by our media partner CTV. The special aired during the evening news hour on Monday, Sept. 5 and featured SPCA initiatives such as: Our SPCA Certified farm labeling program; a behind-the-scenes look at Wild ARC, the BC …

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Before adopting a pet, be certain you’re ready for the responsibility

September 1, 2016

It happens at BC SPCA shelters across the province all too often: Well-meaning would-be pet guardians surrender their animals to the SPCA because having a pet is “too much responsibility.” That’s why it’s important to research and know what you’re getting into when you bring a companion animal home, says BC SPCA general manager of …

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Hear no evil: Deaf dog finds perfect match with Vancouver couple

August 31, 2016

Amelia was surrendered to the Vancouver SPCA earlier this year because she was deaf. Having purchased her online from Craigslist, her former owners did not know the husky-German shepherd puppy was deaf, and didn’t feel equipped to handle a deaf dog. But her uniqueness only attracted her to Marisa Nielsen and fiancé Desmond Kumar when …

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Farm animals need love too: New BC SPCA facilities a huge help in fighting cruelty

August 1, 2016

British Columbians may often think of kittens and puppies when they think of the BC SPCA, but the animal welfare organization also advocates for, rescues and adopts out farm animals. From horses and llama to goats and chickens, farm animals are among the more than 43,000 animals the BC SPCA helps each year. “I think …

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Who’s a good boy? BC SPCA ad campaign celebrates how animals bring out the best in us

June 6, 2016

Some things can bring out the worst in people, like traffic gridlock, while others can bring out the best, like animals. No one does that better than our pets, who we can be silly with, play with and cuddle with like we can’t with any human – and that’s the whole point of a recently …

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Animal abandonment on the rise in B.C.’s North Peace region

May 25, 2016

They were left to fend for themselves, next to an open carrier and a dish of water, near a local dog park just before the Victoria Day long weekend. Luckily, a Good Samaritan out for a stroll noticed the abandoned cat with eight tiny, four-week-old kittens, due to the attention they were getting from several …

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Sunshine Coast SPCA hosts info sessions for adopters interested in toy Yorkies

May 4, 2016

Several toy Yorkshire terriers will be available for adoption at the Sunshine Coast SPCA, following a cruelty investigation and seizure in early April. Kept in small crates and cages, the 11 tiny dogs will need loving homes and a lot of love and patience, says BC SPCA Sunshine Coast Branch manager Cindy Krapiec. “When they …

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