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St. Bernard-cross puppies find their forever homes

November 5, 2018

Update: Duchess (now named Fern) and Francine (now named Maple) have found their forever homes!

“We were pleased to see such an interest in these two little ladies, with dozens of applications coming in not long after they came into our care,” says Krista Shaw, manager, Maple Ridge Branch. Ultimately, the pups will be going home with two of the rescuers involved in bringing them off the cliff.

“While the two of them will be going to separate homes, there’s no doubt they will be seeing each other often,” says Shaw. “Since both of their guardians are with Mission Search and Rescue, they’ll likely have a number of playdates to look forward to.”

The puppies, believed to be around four-months-old, were rescued on Oct. 28. Aside from being cold, wet and hungry, both were in overall good condition. During the four-day hold period to allow their guardians to come forward, the duo went unclaimed.


After spending four days stranded on a cliff near Mission, adorable four-month-old puppies Duchess and Francine are getting back into the swing of puppy life: playing, eating and exploring the world around them at the BC SPCA’s Maple Ridge Branch.

“For the last few days, these two little ladies have been busy being happy, bouncy little pups,” says Krista Shaw, manager, Maple Ridge Branch.  “They’ve been staying in what we like to call our ‘royal puppy suite,’ – an extra comfy kennel. They also enjoy playing with both our staff and volunteers.”

Shaw notes the duo are happy and healthy, and staff are keeping the puppies’ readjustment top of mind. “The stray hold period does continue for both Duchess and Francine, but if they are not claimed we have received an overwhelming number of adoption applications and will find them a good home.” Shaw says she and the staff at the Maple Ridge Branch are grateful to everyone who has stepped up to help them help care for these puppies. “From the people who went above and beyond to rescue them, to Dewdney Animal Hospital for being there to examine them, and to Hill’s® Pet Nutrition for ensuring they are well-fed and well-nourished – to the people  who are so keen to make sure Duchess and Francine make their way to a wonderful forever home – we are so thankful to have wonderful people in our community.”

There are many animals like Duchess and Francine who are also looking for their forever home. To learn more about adoption, we invite you to visit our adoption website. 

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