Update: Peggy the stray cat with severely fractured front leg finds forever home! - BC SPCA
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Update: Peggy the stray cat with severely fractured front leg finds forever home!

January 5, 2024

It is hard to believe how much Peggy’s life has changed in just a few short weeks. In early December, a Good Samaritan saw her limping horribly and brought her to a local cat rescue. Because of her injury, she was surrendered to the BC SPCA’s Kamloops animal centre where she would receive the veterinarian care she so desperately needed.

This affectionate, sweet cat had been suffering with her leg injury for who knows how long. Long enough that her leg could not be saved. Peggy had amputation surgery and made a full and speedy recovery and was soon available for adoption. Before the end of December she had found her forever home and was cuddling on the couch with her new furry siblings.

“I have two cats, but I knew we had room in our home for one more,” says Candace, Peggy’s new mom. She had read about Peggy in the news and immediately looked over at her husband, Mike and said, “I found our next cat!” After sending in an application, they found out Peggy was theirs on December 20.

How did Peggy settle in? Well, she immediately fell in love with her new brother, Mr. Heebee Geebees. “He looks just like her,” says Candace. “She follows him everywhere.” Peggy’s sister Pippa is also a tripod, so Peggy has a great role model for how to move and jump in her new home. “Peggy and Pippa are still getting to know each other, but the cats all get along really well. They sleep together on our bed.”

Peggy relaxing after playing (l) and Peggy with Mr. Heebee Geebees.

Peggy recently had her final post-surgery check-up and she has healed beautifully. “Just like Pippa, Peggy runs just as fast as a four-legged cat,” says Candace. “She needs to get a little stronger, but she can already jump up on the bed and use the ladder to get up on the ledge we have set up in the bedroom so the cats can look out in the garden and smell the air. Our house is very cat oriented.”

“Peggy has just been the best addition to our family,” says Candace. “She is the most affectionate and loving cat. Her purr is so loud.” She adds that they just love spoiling her with treats and attention. “She quickly figured out which door is the treat door and the sound it makes when it opens. You should see how fast she can move to get her treat.”

Stray cat with severely fractured front leg recovering from amputation surgery

Original story: December 7, 2023

A good Samaritan found Peggy, a stray one-year-old grey tabby, limping horribly in Barriere and brought her to a local cat rescue. Peggy’s injury was so severe, the cat rescue surrendered her to the BC SPCA’s Kamloops animal centre for treatment.

“When Peggy came into the centre, we could tell her front left leg was seriously injured,” says Daria Evans, manager of the BC SPCA’s Kamloops animal centre. “She couldn’t put any weight on it at all. We immediately brought her to a veterinary clinic.”

The veterinarian who examined Peggy determined that the fracture to her front leg was an old injury and it would be impossible to save it. “Poor Peggy had been limping with this injured leg for some time,” says Evans. Peggy was given pain medication and was scheduled for surgery to have the leg amputated. She was also treated for ear mites and had a thorough ear cleaning.

“Peggy is a super outgoing, young cat,” says Evans. “She is so chatty and is always meowing for love and attention.” Evans adds that the removal of her front leg hasn’t slowed her down at all. “She is being so playful and is just the most amazing cat.

”Peggy still has a spay surgery ahead of her and needs to have the staples from her amputation surgery removed. She will need time to heal from both before she will be available for adoption.

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