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Update: Bonded emaciated dog moms find a forever home together

February 9, 2024

This bonded pair of American bulldog Labrador retriever mix moms and their 18 puppies were found on a property in Chase, B.C. and taken into the BC SPCA’s care. The moms were emaciated, their bones clearly visible. They were desperately trying to take care of their puppies, who were found huddled together in a makeshift doghouse, but were so malnourished they were having difficulty feeding them.

Goldie and Honey, as named by BC SPCA staff, were put on a veterinarian supervised refeeding plan to gain weight. The puppies were all underweight, lethargic and suffering from diarrhea; one needed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection.

Thankfully all the dogs recovered and were soon available for adoption. The puppies found their forever families quickly, but no one knew how long it might take to find a home for the bonded moms. “Bonded pairs typically take longer to find homes,” says Adrienne McBride, the BC SPCA’s senior director, community animal centres. “Guardians must be prepared to take on the costs and the responsibilities of two animals instead of one, which can be a lot to ask. The good news is that bonded animals do really well in new homes because they have the comfort and security of a companion to ease the transition.”

In the best of all possible news, Goldie and Honey found their forever together home late in December and are enjoying the New Year being spoiled by their new mom!

Goldie and Honey napping on the couch.

“Goldie and Honey aren’t my first bonded pair of dogs,” says Michelle. She said goodbye to Pearl in 2022 at the age of 15 and Blue passed in October just shy of her 17th birthday. She adopted the bonded pair from the BC SPCA’s Vancouver community animal centre when they were nine years old. “After Pearl died, I knew I would have another bonded pair of dogs in my life, it was just a matter of finding them, says Michelle. “My home just felt so empty.” Michelle found Goldie and Honey on the BC SPCA’s adoption page when she used the website’s “More Filters” function to search specifically for bonded pairs.

Honey sleeping by the fire and Goldie with her prize.

Michelle submitted her application and was soon taking a ferry to the BC SPCA’s Victoria community animal centre to meet them. “When I went into their kennel, they both came up and sat on top of me,” says Michelle. “There was no question they were coming home with me.” Once they were in Michelle’s home, they got comfortable quickly. “The first night they were here, I looked over at Goldie and she was fast asleep on the couch on her back with her belly exposed. It took them a whole five days before they were sleeping with me on my bed,” she says. Michelle adds that she believes in sharing her whole home with her dogs. “They can be anywhere they want to be – this is their home as much as mine.” Couches, beds, mats, blankets are all at their disposal.

Goldie and Honey will be living their best lives when Michelle takes them camping in the interior this summer. “These dogs are my family,” she says. “My life is just so much richer with them in it.” Michelle adds that people may think it is too much work to adopt a bonded pair of animals, but she completely disagrees. “I have had two dogs constantly since the year 2000. Sure, there is twice as much food to buy and poop to clean up but there is also twice as much love.”

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