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News Category: Pet care

How to create a catio-friendly outdoor tunnel that your cat will love

Catio cat
March 16, 2022

You’ve created your catio, and your cat adores it. After all, catios provide enrichment, fresh air, and the stimulation of nature as well as ensures safety for your cat from the outdoors while protecting wildlife too. Why wouldn’t they like it? As the kind-hearted and creative pet guardian you are, you now might be wondering …

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3 easy DIY toys to make for your cat

Playful grey and white cat reaching for toy from cat perch post
March 16, 2022

DIY cat toys are a purrfect way to explore your creativity while also making a toy that can enrich your cat’s day. DIY cat toys are also cost-effective, especially if your kitty has a habit of destroying or losing store-bought toys. Not to mention it’s a great way to make your cat’s play time a more personal experience, knowing that you are partly responsible for …

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