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Model municipal bylaws

Bylaws are an important means of addressing animal welfare concerns at the community level. They allow municipalities, regional districts and First Nations to tackle a diverse range of issues such as animal control, cat roaming, exotic pets, wildlife feeding and backyard chickens.

However, with so many different bylaws out there, it can be difficult to know which ones are best.

The BC SPCA has created the search tool below to help the public and local governments find examples of progressive animal-related bylaws. Simply type in a search term (e.g., “outdoor cats”) or click on one of the icons to see a list of model bylaws the BC SPCA recommends.

Please note that the tool is not a search of all animal-related bylaws in the province, but just the ones the BC SPCA believes are most progressive. We endeavour to keep the tool as up-to-date as possible. But, as new bylaws are being passed all the time, there may be some not yet represented here. Please feel free to contact us if you believe your community has great bylaws that are missing from the list.

The tool is not meant as an endorsement of all of a community’s bylaws, or even all of a community’s animal-related bylaws. Rather, it is a recommendation of a specific bylaw from a community that pertains to the animal welfare issue indicated.

The BC SPCA’s model bylaws

In addition to the search tool above, we have combined effective animal-related bylaws from across B.C. into one easy-to-use document, with the goal of creating safe and humane communities.

Bylaw provisions strategically address issues related to:

Download a copy of our Model Animal Responsibility Bylaws (PDF). Please contact us with any questions.