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Viola Lenny

April 14, 1930 – March 19, 2015

As a small girl, Viola was put in charge of the chickens on her parents’ farm.  But it was her family’s dog, as well as the many cats who helped keep the mice away, that she adored the most.  Years later, as a young bride, Viola and her husband, Don were joined by a new family member, a dog named Duke.  From then onwards, Dogs and cats were always a part of their lives.  In the mid 60’s Viola and Don became owners of the Trading Post store in Tulameen, BC, which became the life blood of the entire valley.  All types of emergencies, whether it be mechanical or medical, involving humans, pets or wildlife, were brought into the store for Viola and Don to take care of.  An injured fawn, a horse with a limp, a duck with a broken wing, lost cats and dogs, as well as many more animals benefited from their compassionate care. Viola’s last pet was Celine, the ‘princess cat’, who’s ashes currently rest with her husband beside a beautiful pond in the forest of northwestern BC.  Viola passed away in March 19, 2015 and generously left a gift to the BC SCPA, allowing her love for animals to live on.